Orly Week - Iron Butterfly

Good day, loves!
We have another installment of Orly week and this is another of their amazing mattes!

Two coats, no base or top, indoor light.

I'm very picky about black polish. (I know, weird, right?) I have to have something that truly captures my interest. Iron Butterfly totally caught my attention and wouldn't let go. Nothing like a matte black with silver glitter!

So let's go over the specs:
Formula is top notch. Flows evenly on the nail, easy to control and not prone to brush strokes. Dries fast but does not get tacky on brush or while applying.
Opaque in one with a thick coat, two are best for to ensure total coverage. Wear on this was not as good for me as with Glam Rock (which has its own post to come!) but I wasn't upset by this. Just something I expect when wearing a matte. Then again, I did wear this to work and my experiences are never typical. 20% of my day is paperwork and 80% is running, running and running. I am truly rough on my hands and nails!

Seriously, I have mattes from different brands and I own three bottles of matte top coat and I love them. But Orly has honestly done this trend right and so well that I don't want to use anything else. The color is just hot and it's ridiculously easy to apply and go. Love that. It will def make a great canvas for snazzy Konad!
I did not try top coat over this because I was much too in love with how it is. I will eventually try it but today was not the day!

So, who's ready for matte to die and pastels to rule? What kind of thing do you want to see next from polish companies?

Thank you for stopping by. Hope the weekend is fun and filed with delights!


  1. This polish is so pretty on you, I love this shade :-)
    I love the mattes and at first it was very unique, but I think I won't like to see another matte collection, unless it would be really unusual....I find it a bit annoying that you can see every tiny defect on your nails with mattes, and it's also hard for me without Top Coat....

  2. I hate mattes but if I did have one it would be Iron Butterfly. Texturally they are horrible and the longevity is poor. I like gloss!
    Pastels? Dusty pastels are OK by me but not bright ones (I know that makes no sense but I know what I mean...)

  3. the blog looks so pretty!

    I had a huge lemming for this but i don't dig the staying power.

    Now i am kicking myself for not including this in my TD order. Oh well.

  4. I love this colour! I'm pretty fussy about mattes,but this one is really nice. It Looks great on you too :)

  5. I have never had a matte polish for my own! But seeing it on so many nails I am going to get myself a bottle too!
    I love the color on you!

  6. I like it. It reminds me of Zoya's Loredana. I also love the name. Nothing like a little Inna Gadda Da Vida to brighten up the day!

  7. Ha, Deb! ONLY if it's the Slayer cover version. Because Slayer makes everything better!

  8. Looks fantastic on you. I just took this off today. I had it on for a week with just 2 little chips. The reason it lasted was because I used the China Glaze Matte Topcoat. I made sure by trying it out on one nail first. I didn't want to lose the incredible finish of Iron Butterfly. Still looked the same with the matte topcoat. I was really happy that it lasted so long. I really love this polish.


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