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Good morning, loves!

I have been having a lovely "weekend" so far. Matt surprised me with a bunch of goodies that are wending their way to my hot little hands. I will be receiving a new bikini, an 18 piece fauxnad plate set and the Coraline "B" kit.
Woo-hoo! Tonight, we're going to see the roller derby with our friends. Gonna be good times!

In the meantime, I have a couple of looks for you. One being nail art and the other yet another of my layering experiments.

First up:

Orly Dazzle base
China Glaze Nova on thumb through ring
China Glaze Atlantis on pinkie

This was last weekend's mani and more proof that I am not immune to my fellow blogger's influence. Lisa showed it not too long ago and I had to have it!!! (You know how I love silver polish!) Seriously, it is the amaze. I need to give you a proper swatching and review because it is awesome on its own.
Anyway, this look was on my second day of wearing it and since it was sunny, I wanted it to be even more flashy! This was done with Nailene French pedicure guides and with only about 30 minutes before having to be at work. Yay for fast drying polish and Out The Door!

Next up is probably my second favorite ever polish and a little layering!
China Glaze For Audrey as base
L.A. Splash Golden Seahorse layered on top

I adore For Audrey. Maybe it's my love for Ms. Hepburn, maybe it's because it's pretty danged close to Tiffany blue and you just don't see that often on one's nails. I'm not sure why exactly but it makes me so happy. This is yet another refresher mani. I was terribly impressed how well For Audrey stood up after a day of processing shoes. (BTW that is not pleasant. I'm handling used shoes here, people. Cleaning them with harsh cleaner and a magic eraser. On those days I'm washing my hands at least a thousand times. And sometimes I long to wash them in bleach and boiling water.)
I digress. I layered two coats of Golden Seahorse and I was in love. For Audrey was a perfect canvas, besides black, to show off the shimmer in the blue base of this. That and it was gold glitter. Super fun!
This picture was shown after wearing it to work and it too held up pretty nice. Tip wear, yes and minimal chips. But I had an easy day that day, I was just processing furniture! 

What's your favorite way to refresh a manicure? Do you layer or use nail art?

That's it for today. Back to work for me! Thank you for looking and hope you have a weekend that makes you smile!


  1. I love both!
    It all depends on the base color and my mood if I layer or add nail art. Today I'm in a celebratory mood so it's nail art. lol

  2. Great manicures, the Dazzle/Nova/Atlantis combination works great and the layered one is just awesome.
    I love changing colours so much that I rarely refresh manicures, but if I do it depends on the condition of the current polish. If it's just a bit scuffed I layer something glittery of shimmery over it. If there's tipwear I turn the manicure into a funky french or add some curved lines.

  3. love the aqua and gold manicure. mermaid nails.

  4. Those look wonderful. I like how you layered the China Glaze glitters on the top part of the nail only. Also, the "mermaid" mani really evokes a under the sea kind of feeling.

  5. Don't you love sweet surprises?

  6. Hey lady! I tagged you for an award :) 'Cause you rock, and all.


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