Roll tide?

 Good morning, my loves!

 Today I am doing a proper swatch of L.A. Splash Crimson Tide for you as well as a little layering experiment.
(As requested by the lovely and amazing Lisa.)

I'm doing this again because I used Crimson Tide as a Xmas mani. Which itself was a special request from Matt. It came out awesome and what's really funny is that my boss liked it. He actually grabbed my hands to show the assistant to the director of retail sales when she came to our Xmas party.
I have a kind of shot of it when Matt took a picture of the necklace he bought me.

I used some of the Nailene decals I received with my holiday card from them
and I had to add a little Konad. It was fun and I was just in love with the color. I know, surprise, right? Anyway, Google ate a few of my pictures and so I'm finding myself having to reswatch what disappeared.

Two coats, no base or top, weak sun

Same as above but indoor light.

This is a deep red jelly with red and gold glitter. It dries insanely quick so I found that it was going on streaky and becoming tacky on the brush. The trick is to just lay it on thick and quick. Once dry it is bumpy and lumpy but two coats of top coat smooths it all out. It's a little muted without top coat so I highly recommend topping it off  to truly showcase this beauty.
I am crazy in love with this and I'm so glad I took a chance. I'm not a huge fan of the application issues but the quick dry makes up for it.

Now for the layering.

Two coats of Golden Seahorse and Crimson tide over Wet n' Wild black creme on index and middle.
Two coats of same over Nailene French white.

Golden Seahorse looked amazing over black. The blue deepens and the gold glitter really shines. Crimson Tide over black is much like ChG Ruby Pumps over black. Gorgeous but nothing transformative. I did not heart Golden Seahorse over white except that it allowed the gold glitter to pop. I did, however, love Crimson Tide over the white. Mmm...jelly!

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the layering. What layering experiment have you tried that you adored? What layering was just a hot, hot mess?

Thank you for looking. Hope the day is treating you well!


  1. That necklace is so pretty! I love Golden Seahorse over the black too, it brings out a lot of depth in the polish!

  2. Crimson Tide is gorgeous but I am REALLY loving Golded Seahorse!! Have you done a full mani in that one? I love it! (and the name is adorable)

  3. Gildedangel - Thank you. I was really surprised to open that!

    Brooke - I have swatched Golden Seahorse. It was just a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty snazzy.

  4. I've so curious about these LA Splash polishes. Yet,I haven't bought any yet,so it's nice to see a review on some of them. Thanks! I like the red glitter,beautiful!

  5. Awwww...the necklace is so pretty and the swatches are very helpful! Thank You!

  6. I have one LA Splash but i haven't used it yet.
    Not sure why i grabbed it since i'm not a fan of pink... Impulse i suppose?

    I like the red one but i'm not sure i really 'need' it in my collection.


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