Some housekeeping and catching up

Good morning loves!

Just a quick entry for today. I have a new work schedule that is taking some getting used to right now and it's been a very good week for business! (YAY!!) But, I'm longing for my vacation...especially since my boss is on his!

In other news, my wisdom teeth surgery went fine. I didn't hurt a whole lot thanks to having the best dentist ever. I was lucky and didn't need stitches so my recovery is faster than average. I just miss brushing my teeth. I have another week before I can. Let me tell you, rinsing with salt water is no substitute. The good news is I floss like a maniac!
The truly sad part of this for me was the first day it was done. Gus and Trixie wouldn't come near me when I came home! I was a drooling, bloody mess and they were frightened of me. Gus eventually made up with me that night but Trixie didn't until the next morning. Just when I needed my kitties to lift my spirits!

I have a request for you. My friend, Kim, just started a new blog chronicling her weight loss journey with a medically supervised program. She's nervous about it, blogging and becoming healthier. Would you mind stopping by and saying hello? She's an amazing woman with a great sense of humour. I'm very proud of her and want to support her every step of the way.

Finally, I leave you with at least one nail polish picture!

Sinful Colors Coco Diamond
Two coats, no base or top, indoor light


Yep. I picked up one of Sinful's TWO Coco Diamonds. Frankly, I got the more interesting one. I don't so much care for the brown version. This was sitting by itself at the gift set display at Fred Meyer right before Xmas and it was marked down to $1.57. I could not resist!
I love the blue, grey and brown tones as well as the teensy blue glitter. This dried faster than most of my Sinfuls and was acceptable in three coats. I'll probably use it more for layering because I tried it over Essie Chinchilly and it was pretty hot!

Thank you for looking! Hope everybody has a wonderful week!


  1. You know what? I've never seen that one before! Haha. And I've seen a lot of Sinful Colors, but that's new to me. It's pretty, and I think a lot of SCs look particularly good layered! I just got Essie Chinchilly. I'm going to enjoy swatching it!
    Glad you're feeling loads better. Our vacation is going to be a much milder version of yours - haha, no Cancun here, but we've only got about a week and it's ON. I'm stoked, I want to get this house finished. Plus, I dunno about you but I'm burnt out on work!
    Annnnnd, I'm writing a book. Ciao!

  2. That polish looks great! I am glad that your surgery went well!

  3. Heather, Thank you so much for the support! By the way you are like an Blogging Genius!! Wow I am seriously in the presence of greatness! I totally heart you! I love your blog it is awesome! I hope you are having a fab day! Love you!

  4. I've been stalking SC racks for years, and never came across this color.
    It's very pretty and looks gorgeous on you!

    Yay for speedy recovery!
    Poor scared y cats! My 2 cats did the same thing when I went from blond to black hair.

  5. Awww, good thing they are back to supporting you now. It was funny. Glad the surgery went well for you

  6. I'm so glad to hear that your surgery went well. Crazy how your babies were afraid to come near you. I like that Sinful Color. I have many bottles of this brand. Some are sheer but there a lot of fabulous ones.


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