This is not the Chicago Bears defensive lineman

Good morning, my loves!

I was tagged by Niki  for the "Show Me Your Fridge" tag.

It was hard to take a picture because my kitchen is truly a one butt affair. I was sitting on the counter trying to get the whole thing in there but it wasn't going to happen.

I really do not like it. It came with the house.

I tend to use the side more for "important" things like my calendar and a copy of my work schedule for Matt.
What I do have is the calendar for garbage pickup, random magnets, ticket stubs for Tesla and Spamalot, a baby picture of my friend, a coupon for gum and bottle openers. (We like beer.) I even have my ancient name tag from Old Navy stuck up there. My fridge is also dirty because I have yet to do the deep clean in the kitchen. The horror! Avert your eyes!

I'm supposed to focus on one thing on my fridge and I think it's the best thing. A picture of my Trixie with her babies at their very first vet appointment in 2008. I'm childless by choice so these are my "babies."

That's Gus's paw on Trixie's belly.
Dita is right next to him.
Their brothers live in California with my sister-in-law.

My vet is awesome and they took pictures for us as well as for Trixie's file. Now when I get a reminder in the mail, Trixie's beautiful face is on the postcard.

So now I have to tag some more people!

The lovely ladies of Short 'n Chic

More tags to be coming because Andrea did it hit 'em up style and tagged me too!

That's it for now. Time to do nails and hit the showers!
Have a great day and thank you for looking!

P.S. This is my Friday. I'll be visiting with all you fine people on your blogs tomorrow. I've been slacking on my social obligations! Bad lamb.


  1. OH! MY! GOSH! you're little orange fluffballs are the cutest things in the WORLD! I have a wicked softspot for orange kitties! eek!

  2. LOOK! BABIES!! *squee* Mama is a pretty girl! I spy Betty Boop! Cute.

  3. by the way, my wife is one of the worlds most wonderfulist women ever. she does such a wonderful job taking care of those orange babies and me. this woman works a wicked schedule and still finds time to do the little things that make the kiddos and me love her even more. i cannot begin to tell you how much i adore this lady and love every minute of my life with her. you ladies get a snapshot of her humor, itelligence and personality, but lucky me, i get the whole package everyday :p
    She truly is my dream girl and the woman that makes me... well... me ;)

  4. Awww...Kitty babies! Your babies look much more well behaved than my babies.
    Matt is so sweet!*tear*

  5. Aww, you're cats are adorable! And an orange girl kitty!! I have one too - her name is Delilah. Apparently orange cats are typically males - whenever I take Delilah to the vet everyone oohs and ahhs at her female-ness... while she howls and sulks in the cat carrier.

    and "aww" at Matt too - what a great guy!!


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