Metal health WILL drive you mad.

Good day, my loves!

I've spent my morning re-designing my blog yet again because it's time to expand to the three column layout. This was a lot harder than last time! I tried to find a layout that would be easy on the eyes for reading and have a neutral color scheme to keep from detracting from swatches. I'm quite pleased. What do you think?

Today I am bringing you another L.A. Girl Rock Star. I swear, I am slowly collecting them all!

Two coats, no base or top in full sun

This is Headbanging and it's a great turquoise glittery shimmer. It applies rather sheer so three coats will take care of any VNL. Formula is easy to work with and control and the dry time is fantastic with thin coats. A little thicker coats and you'll be waiting just a snotch longer but not too much!
I actually liked that this applied sheer because it could be really fun to layer with. Eventually, I will be trying that! This is also a contender for Cancun. Can't decide if I would wear it as a mani or pedi though! Oh, the choices in my life are soo hard! ;)

I got this little baby at my local Fred Meyer store but it is available at Cherry Culture. I really love all of the Rock Star collection I've picked up thus far. These are high quality polishes at a great price. I highly recommend!

That's it for now, y'all. I for reals have to do some chores and then my work week starts up yet again tomorrow! Have a lovely day and I hope some sunshine comes your way!


  1. Quiet Riot! Yay! Oh, and he color is awesome too. I have loved all of the colors I have seen from this particular collection of LA Girl polishes.

  2. Love the polish, love the new background and layout!

    I was JUST thinking it was time for me to do the same!

  3. I love the new layout! And I think I need this polish. I love turquoise, and jelly. Mmmm, count me in

  4. I love the new layout and your banner. Props! I love LA Girl polishes. Seriously. My favorites so far are the Disco Brites, but the Rockstar ones are awesome too. Headbanging looks pretty. I kind of feel like it should be "Headbangin'" though.

  5. Really love this colour - kind of reminds me of a green Wizard of Oz.

    Fee x

  6. Great name, great color, glittah - love it!

    Your blog design is really nice, specially the header :D

  7. Love the layout! That color is beautiful as well!

  8. ~ Bang your HEAD...Metal health will drive you mad...BANG YOUR HEAD~

    Oh sorry I got caught up in the old school metal! :D

    I love this color! LA Girls have some killer colors!

  9. I love your Blogs new look! Great job!!!

    Yes- you have to wear Headbanging in looks like the ocean there!!!!!

  10. I agree with Lisa, I think it would look awesome! Plus, it's called Headbanging, I mean, how much better could it get?
    I have to admit I was singing along with you and Andrea! Hahahaha!
    LOVELOVELOVE the new layout. It's neutral and has some nice features!


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