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Good morning, loves!
I'm back from a brief break. My work week was very long and hectic. I have had much going on! I got to see my cousin's brand new baby and my uncle whom I have not seen since 1985! It was amazing. The baby is so gorgeous and sweet!
Sadly, I had a little setback on Sunday. I am hypoglycemic and my blood sugar dropped really low that day and I almost passed out at work. It was really bad and very upsetting because I usually have my blood sugar under control. I've been having some problems maintaining so now I have to reevaluate my diet. Boo.
The good thing about it happening at work is learning just how awesome my friends there are. 

That said, let's move on to what's really important: new nail nail polish!

First up is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lickety Split Lime!

Two coats, no base or top, sunlight from my window
(It was raining but still sunny so I decided not to go outside for this.)

Let's get the brush issue out of the way. They are weird. Like big mops but flat and wide. I actually like the brush but I do have a complaint. It holds on to a little too much polish. That's what makes application tricky.
It's also what makes these a one coat polish. You could glop it on one stroke, clean and be done with it. But that's not very pretty, is it?
On to the color: It's a yellow leaning green that does not evoke lime as much as it does avocado. Or avocado with lime. I was a little disappointed because it's not as bright and vibrant as I would like. I wore this as a full mani and got a lot of compliments but I thought it looked like I had been eating guacamole with my hands. 
This will definitely go into the pile of  Konad only because it stamps beautifully. (And looks punchier in small doses stamped over another color.) Win some, lose some.

Next up is is Snappy Sorbet!

Both are two coats, no base or top in sunlight from the window.

This is a sweet peachy, coral that really shines in full sun or bright light. It has the tiniest amount of shimmer in bottle but none on the nail. I adore the shade but again, I am having no luck with shades like this. It was streaky, patchy and needs at least three coats to even everything out. What I did for my picture was apply two thick coats. I spite of this being a quick dry polish, thick coats take a long time to dry. So thin coats are best with careful application for this little number. Another bit of good news with this is it too Konads brilliantly. So if you hate the brush and can't bear to paint it on your nails, use it for nail art!

That's it for me now. I'm off to make some breakfast, do chores and get a workout in before I meet up with Matt. I'm making him take me to the mall so I can stalk some new nail polish. There may be some goodies for an upcoming giveaway as a result of my hunting! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope the day treats you well!


  1. The Sally Hansen brushes sucks! They have some of the coolest colors, but the brush...ugg!

    Lovely colors, that green is so bright and it looks great on you!

  2. Those are so pretty!
    I am hypoglycemic myself and my only tip is to carry protein bars or a protein drink like the Special K protein water. Sugar will bring your sugars up but then an hour or so later you plumit and feel like le crap. Protein with a little sugar or carbs will bring your levels up and make them stable until your next meal.

  3. Take care of youself there. The insta-dri brushes are interesting, aren't they?

  4. Gorgeous colors! Sorry to hear about your blood sugar. My boyfriend is diabetic and he takes insulin. He carries these fast-acting glucose tablets in his messenger bag in case he has a low blood sugar emergency. Those can at least get you okay so you can eat a normal meal.

  5. I love the green on you! Sorry it was disappointing to you, though- if you've got something in mind, and the product doesn't measure up, that's a real bummer.
    As for the other issue, glad you're okay!
    I like the 'Lara Bar' protein bars, as they contain ONLY nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. That's it- no fillers or sweeteners. I got started with 'em because I can't do gluten, but what I love is the lack of honey, agave syrup, cane sugar, HFCS, etc. in these- I mean, you've got dried fruit! With that, who needs other sugars?
    Stay well!

  6. Those colors are beautiful! I am sorry to hear about your blood sugar, I hope that you can get your levels under control soon!

  7. Hey sweetie! You're not drinking any diet drinks are you? That can drop your sugar faster than you can say polish, I swear it. Bad stuff for us hypoglycemics. I'm sure you know a lot of tips about how to pump it up, though. I hope it was just a little problem, and nothing recurring.
    I have that green! I hate the brush, I am slowly learning how to use it just because there are so many cool colors with that crappy brush. I love that orangey shade, but I hate when they are hard to apply! Boy do I know your pain there. I've heard that these Insta-Dris are great for Konad.

  8. I'm sorry to hear that your blood sugar is taking you for a ride :(
    but am happy that your co-workers were there to help.

    I had to Google hypoglycemia, and learned something today. ;)

    I have both Lickety Split Lime and Snappy Sorbet. While I knew I'd be using LSL just for stamping, I have a hope that Snappy Sorbet might make a good full mani...it's still in my untried.
    I think I'm one of a few who *Love* the brushes, although I much prefer the shorter stems in new SH Complete Salon Manicure. Sometimes my hands shake, and the longer stem makes a bit of shake into a lot of shake when I lay the brush on my nail.
    The new, new brushes are so awesome, I chose my last 2 manis from the CSM collection just so I could use them11!

  9. Thank you guys for all the tips. I usually have snacks in my office just in case. I think it was all due to there being a lot of stress and having to work in drive-thru that day. Things are settling back down now and Matt will be heading to the grocery store to pick me up protein bars and Special K water. (He loves you so much now, Andrea!)

    I hope no one avoids these SH because of the brush. I actually like it and some of these colors are amazing!


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