It's time!

I have installed a new poll widget that does not require a sign in. I re-submitted my girl, Cozmedic's,  vote. Please re-vote if yours was lost in the shuffle!

Good evening, loves!

Now is the time to show you all of the great mani pics I was sent for my giveaway. I do not envy you all having to judge these because they are all so fantastic. Then again that's why I'm giving you the task!

The polls are already set up on the sidebar. Be sure to click for next poll at the bottom right so you can vote in both! Boy, did I get some amazing name suggestions! I am so excited!

Let's get to the good stuff and take a look at these gorgeous nails!

Danielle's Blue Streak
It has such lovely sparkle and that blue is stunning!
Kada's Girly Manicure
I love the whimsy and sweetness of this!
It really evokes the cheer and freedom one felt when flying free on your bike as a kid, no?
Plus, how cool is this nail art? 

Thriszha's Hot Wheels
This is such a fun look and it looks like little wheels!
Take another look here:
Thriszha's nails always look amazing, don't they?

This sweet number is from Thess.
Where do you start on all the great things this mani has?
I love how the dashes continue on the nails, the sun shining on the index and *squee* the bike IS SO CUTE!

This is Kada's Grownup manicure.
You know how I love purple and the different textures of this are gorgeous.
This is exceptionally sophisticated and the half moons evoke that vintage glamour.

How amazing are these manicures? I just love them all so much!So, please go and vote! Voting will continue until 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 9. Best of luck and many thanks to these amazing and talented ladies!


  1. WOW, these are awesome!!! It's hard to choose just one to vote for though - they all look so great! Very cool - everyone did an incredible job :)

  2. hmm, no voting me for yet - it says I have to be signed in? I'm not sure where to sign in - any tips? Thanks :)

  3. I can't believe it! Can I vote for myself? (even though I like Thess's design most. How cute is that bike!) Oh I'm shameless!

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  5. Oh man, this is gonna be a tuff decision! No wonder you left it to the voting public.

  6. wow! those are fabulous nails!!

  7. wow, only one?? Everyone did such a great job!

  8. whoa i just noticed i was on here! gah, everyone did amazing. mine is just all tacky. good luck girls! ;D


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