Rock hard, Ride free (Last call for entries in my giveaway!!)

Good evening, my loves!

I'm bringing you a look to maybe stoke the fires for entries in my giveaway. It's also a first for me!
My second contest asked you to present a manicure to either coordinate with my bike or just evoke the feeling of going for a bike ride, like when you were a kid. Fun, right? I have never done a mani to match another object before so I thought it only right to try and match my bike. Especially since I'm asking you to do some work! ;)
Without further ado, my manicure!

Base is Wet n' Wild Craze Shield
Stripes are Orly Calypso Breeze and Art Club stripers in red and white

I think it looks really fun though I'm not super pleased with how Calypso Breeze worked as a striper. Eh, what ya gonna do? The best part is that this took all of twenty minutes. Three coats of Shield which dried really fast and a couple of quick swipes for nail art. What took the longest was waiting for coats to dry.

That's gonna do it for me tonight! I just want to repeat yet again that TOMORROW is the last day to enter!!! You have until 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time to email your entries to me! Send me a pic of your manicure or a name for my bike. Or both! It's up to you!  Be sure to email them to mightylambchop AT gmail DOT com.

Goodnight everybody. Hope you've had an enchanted evening!


  1. Love it! Shame that the Orly didn't want to play right.
    I have a So Easy Stripe Rite (#0903) that's just about the same color as Calypso Breeze, except it's a pearl.

  2. Almost forgot! Send the email now!

    Love your manicure, especially the colors. =)

  3. Love your manicure. Will you be posing with your bike and your manicure?

  4. Very cool! I wouldn't ever attempt something like that on my own, I'd make someone else do the stripes. My left hand would turn out fine but I'm not so sure about the right hand!


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