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Good morning my loves!

I woke up this morning feeling a combination of happiness and meh. I'm meh because I feel overwhelmed. Not nearly enough time to do the things I want. That bums me out. But it's all good because I have reasons to be happy. You guys are a huge part of that. Thank you!

What I do want to discuss today is is the sample of Skin MD shielding lotion I was sent to review.

I received a sample a couple of weeks ago and I decided to really give it a go. As I have told you repeatedly, I work at a non-profit retail thrift store and I do almost everything and anything in a given day. This means I process merchandise, handle money, re-merchandise shelves and do paperwork. I'm in constant contact with dirt and other unpleasantness so I wash my hands many, many times a day.
I couldn't seem to find the right hand lotion to keep my hands moisturized, cuticles from becoming ragged and my fingertips from peeling. Skin MD has really saved me there.
I keep my bottle in my purse at all times and apply it after each hand washing. It's light, absorbs quickly and is fragrance free. You can feel a slight film on the skin that actually feels really nice. It's smooth and almost powdery. I liken it to some of the silicone based makeup primers and the skin feel they have once applied.
My hands feel so much better and still full of moisture the next time I go to wash my hands. I have less irritation from the cleaners I use at work and my fingertips have finally stopped peeling! This has even helped my problem cuticle on my right hand. No matter what, that bad boy was thick, raggedy and hella annoying. No more and I am grateful! When it comes to my nail polish and nail art, Skin MD has been a real treat. Even if I wasn't using an acetone remover to clean my nails, I do use pure acetone to clean my Konad supplies. Y'all know how that sucks away moisture!

Yay! I have pretty hands again!

I decided to also try this lotion on my face and body. I'm a sucker for multi-use product and this has not let me down. It's tackled the scaly feeling on my legs from shaving and kept my feet nice and tamed the issues I had there. (Let's not go into detail because, really, feet are creepy. Just saying.)
What really excited me was using it as a facial moisturizer. I have such issues finding the right kind of moisturizer. I have adult acne, combination skin and I'm over thirty. Moisturizers that are too light leaving my face feeling like parchment and those that are too rich give me breakouts and oil spills. Skin MD has the right balance. My face feels soft and any breakouts I've had have been due to stress and hormonal issues. My oily spots don't have the glazed donut look after applying and my drier (but not dry) areas look soft and full rather than stretched and tight. 
The shielding action has been great for my face because it's helped my makeup apply smooth and kept my cheeks from getting windburned on my bike ride to work. I'm still using a sunblock on my face but I definitely want to look into the formulation with SPF. 

So let's sum things up:

Overall - Feels light, absorbs quickly and is fragrance free. A small amount spreads evenly over a large area. The filmy feeling on skin is not uncomfortable or unpleasant. Skin feels moisturized and looks soft.

Price - It is a bit pricey. It retails at $18 for a 4 oz bottle. However, I've been using mine religiously for two weeks and I am not yet at halfway point. Because it will last you for awhile, I find this to actually be a value.
Since it can be used on face and body as well as hands, this actually helps cut down on the array of products used and the individual expense for each.

Availability - Can be purchased online directly from their website. Is available in Europe, Asia as well as North America. Website has store locator feature for Canada and U.S. Which can be pretty handy if you wish to avoid shipping costs. I even found that one of my local Bi-Mart stores carries it!

The Ethical - It is not tested on animals and it is paraben free. It's hypoallergenic and safe to use in environments where fragrance use is discouraged. 

Final judgment - This has been a great product for me and I will definitely be buying it when my bottle gets low. It's saved my hands from the torture of work and playing with nail polish. I'm excited to have Matt use this because he has ridiculously dry skin and I think it's light formulation will be a bonus because he hates the feel of most lotions and creams. I have full confidence that it will do wonders for him too!

For more information about Skin MD, you can visit their website: 

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope to be back later on to visit with you. Here's hoping your day brings you some smiles!


  1. I've read other bloggers reviews on this product and they've all been very positive. One of these days I'll have to try it out for myself! My skin cracks in the winter causing it to bleed so I'm always trying to find something to help that. My legs are always scaly too, regardless of whether I shave or not. Sounds like this might help that as well!

  2. Your hands do look great!! They look really nice! Glad you loved SkinMD :)

    I'm sorry you've been feeling meh lately. It's hard to remain positive when there is a lot going on. But you have a vacation coming up soon, right? yay!

  3. This is great to hear. I would order this if I didn't have any hand cremes. Unfortunately I have enough for years! Why is it that men won't wear hand cremes that are emollient? Their skin is dry also. At least your husband likes this.


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