Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

Good Morning!
For the next few days, I will be showing you my final haul from Mexico. Which brings me good memories because, hello Oregon rain! I am so missing the sun right now...
When I was at La Isla shopping center in Cancun, I noticed they had a Del Sol store. I about left Matt and my sister in the dust because I practically ran there. I've been wanting them for so long!

Island Fever
Two coats, no base or top indoors

Island Fever is a snazzy, pale almost minty green ducochrome that flashes blue. Had no issues with formula and this is a B3F, by the by. Dry time is pretty good. Holy hell is this sheer though. It could make for a cool French as is but I do not think I would want to wear it as such. (Again, I live in Oregon. Sun isn't really rare as much as it is weak.) This is way better layered. Until...

Two coats, no base or top in sun

When the sun is shining strong, you get a really cool bluish-purple duochrome. The label on the top shows it turning a darker green but I say definitely not. It doesn't appear as sheer and I'm certain VNL would not show if more coats are applied. Rather, VNL will not show once this baby is exposed to the UV, yo.

This was really fun to play with. I still need to layer it over something more opaque and see what happens. Which will probably be forever and a day because it's supposed to rain the entire month of March. (I exaggerate. But I am really tired of having to wear my way too extremely large rain gear.) 

You don't have to go to Cancun to buy some Del Sol polish, (though I highly recommend it!) you can buy it online.  It is pricey at $10 a bottle but they are running a buy 3 get 1 free deal right now. 

That does it for me. It's been an extremely challenging week at work (I thought about eating some faces off but I resisted the urge.) and this is my Friday. I think I earned my weekend!
Have a pleasant day and I hope the sun will shine for you!


  1. Hey Heather- it's great to have you back!

    Do these polishes need direct sun to change...or will they change with sunlight that is filtered through a glass window?
    I love these UV polishes. I'm dying to see this layered over a dark color!!!

  2. the second one looks AWESOME in the bottle!

    oh and now that song is stuck in my head.
    i keep singing it over and over.
    at least it's good!

  3. I like the "in sun" color the best. I like how it looks all duochrome-y. Cool find!

  4. Loving them both - they are so pretty!!! It has been raining a lot here in MD too :(

  5. Pretty! and thanks a lot for getting that song stuck in my head ;) I love Bill Withers though,so it's all good.It's been unseasonably frigid in my neck of the woods, (try -5 degrees Celsius.) I guess mother nature forgot that it's supposed to be spring.

  6. I have this color and assure you that, in three coats, it's full coverage in both shade and sun. Ainos2, they do change a little in filtered sun, but the real full boom-boom-pow change is in full sun. Three coats and this one is a beautiful deep teal with purple flash in the sun. It's gorgeous and one of my favorite Del Sols.


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