Back on the chain gang

Good day, my friends!

It's official. I'm home and my vacation is over. I had an amazing time in Cancun. We went snorkeling and we visited Chichen Itza which was awe inspiring and beautiful. Matt and I took hundreds of pictures which we are still sorting through and posting. I will be posting some here and there as we go through them all.

I have so much going on and so much to share.
First and most importantly, my nephew, T.J., had to have his appendix out yesterday. Poor little guy! He was totally brave and came through surgery well. He was so good, he was asking to watch t.v. as soon as he was brought to his room.
I called him this morning and his pain is less and he is ready to eat. He's also really excited about the toy that the hospital had waiting for him in his room. So it's all good but it broke my heart to have my best lil' buddy sick and in pain.

I have major posts coming because I hauled big in Mexico as well as at home. Like I could drop off disposable cameras at Walgreens and not buy polish! Ha!

Please bear with me as I try to get back to business. I start back to work tomorrow and we are getting ready for the annual inspection and the summer switch so I am gonna be BUSY. So I leave you with our newest catchphrases courtesy of our awesome Chichen Itza tour guide, Hugo.

"No worries for sure, my friend. You know what I mean?"
"Don't talk to the strange people. Let's vamanos."

Have a glorious day and I will return later on.


  1. I'm glad your nephew came through okay! They say kids have the fastest recovery time. I had a friend of mine in high school who had his tonsils out, took him a month to recover. Poor guy. ;)
    Welcome back :)
    I enjoyed the photos I saw already - gorgeous thing - and I look forward to more. I'm so glad you had a good time - but I MISSED YOU. ♥

  2. I'm glad you're back and I'm glad you had a great time! I remember when I was little (seven or eight) and I had surgery (tonsils out) the only thing I wanted when I woke up was ice cream. Then I found out that the ice cream is a LIE because you can't eat dairy. I was assured that sorbet is the same but it's NOT. I mean, it's still delicious, but it's not ice cream. I'm sure your nephew will make a super-fast recovery.

    Welcome home :D

  3. Niki - Thanks for that. T.J. is doing really well today. I missed you too! I wish you could have been there, you would have just adored Chichen Itza. It was effing magical.

    Stephanie - Your comment is what I can point to as to why I love you so much. I agree, sorbet is delish but it is NOT the same as ice cream. Good for T.J. is that he got a chocolate shake today and not some stupid sorbet smoothie!


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