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Good morning!
So, back in February, Matt sold his old coaching dvds on ebay and he made himself a nifty little profit. He treated himself to some new golf stuff and bought me my fauxnad plates. Then, he let me run wild and buy a ton of polish and I managed to score one of my most major lemmings. I speak, of course, of OPI Man of La Mancha.

Three coats, no base in full sun

Man of La Mancha is simply gorgeous. You know how I adore duochromes! Is it red? Is it orange? Does it flash pink? Does it flash gold? Yes to all depending only on the light. This is one of my dream polish colors.
It's everything I would want DS Treasure to be. And I love Treasure. 
This is a non B3F and old brush number but it applies like a dream. It's thin and a wee bit watery but it does not pool in the cuticles and doesn't drag along the nail. Dry time was pretty decent. It's still dentable after thirty minutes but good to go in sixty. 


Yes, I have lawn flamingoes. I adore them.

I am just beyond thrilled to have this polish. I was apprehensive to buy it off ebay but I had a great experience with the seller. Her store can be found here:
I suggest you check it out because she has some great stuff!
That's going to do it for now. I'm back at work and pretty excited to see my friends. I hope they like their presents!  
Have a happy Friday, guys!


  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! I have never seen it swatched before. I love the shot with the flamingo - you can really see all the beautiful colors in it.

    PS: where did you find your yard flamingoes? I've wanted those for years but haven't been able to find them. They are so adorably retro :) I love that you lawn flamingoes :) thats just awesome!

  2. I think, just because it looks so good by the lawn flamingo, I must have this!
    *wishes she had a lawn flamingo*

  3. I didn't really care for this color until I saw it up against the flamingo! I totally heart it now!

  4. Oh my god this is absolutely incredible-looking! I'm so jealous that you has this on your handz!!

  5. Oooooh! Love this on you! I bought this one because it looks like the lighter cousin of my all-time favourite La Boheme.Beautiful!

  6. WOAH! That's crazy how duochrome it is in the last picture! I totally want this now.

  7. LOVE your lawn flamingoes and LOVE this polish. Thanks for the link to the seller. I recently had a bad experience buying polish off eBay, but I'm not letting it keep me down. This looks lovely on you!

  8. Wow, that is a really stunning color!

  9. Brook,

    It looks like she has the Don Featherstone Pink Flamingo. sells them. I haven't had any experience with them though.


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