Dancing with tears in my eyes

Good morning loves!

Today I'm showing you another layered look I have done.

Two coats of Orly Purple Velvet matte over Nailtek Foundation II
Topped with two coats of Wet n' Wild Wild Orchid
and two coats of Out the Door Northern Lights top coat

Wild Orchid is a polish I found at my grocery store for 59 cents a few weeks back. I was just so excited because it was such a pretty purple with sweet holo glitter. I tried wearing it by itself but it was a big disappointment. It was so streaky! I knew it would be a layering item for me.
I'm not so pleased with this only because I was having some issues. I sustained a major ding on my left index finger last Friday when I was processing books. Even Nailtek can't seem to fill that crevice in! Arrgh.
Thus, it made Purple Velvet difficult to apply properly and then messed with Wild Orchid. I just have to wait for it to grow out and I hate that.

Oooh, a rainbow!

My other complaint about this is that Wild Orchid just didn't have as much holo as I wanted. Or it does but it has the similar brush stroke issue most metallics have. You can see brush strokes on this because of how the glitter spreads on the nail. Oh noes! Bummer.
That is why I decided to bling it up even more by using Northern Lights. That helped immensely. 

Overall, it's a nice looking mani and I got a lot of compliments on it. However, it's hard to be enthusiastic when you know the challenges and difficulties that went into it. Boo.

That's all for my nail polish biz for now. I leave you with one happy thing and one sad thing.

Happy: My best friend from high school has discovered the good times that is Konad. I'm so excited to have something like that to share with someone  IRL! She says she will be posting pics on Facebook but maybe I can convince her to share on one of her blogs. ;)

Sad: My bestie, Sugar Mama,  lost her father the other night. He had been ill for some time and she knew it was coming but she is devastated. So I kept away for a day to give her some comfort and it also felt weird talking about nail polish when she was hurting. My disappearing could happen again because I will drop everything if she says she needs me.You have no idea how much I love that woman. She is one of the loveliest people I have ever had the privilege to meet.

I hope you all have a lovely day and please remember to tell someone that you love them. I love you all!


  1. It is sweet of you to be with your friend when she needs you. We'll still be here when you're away. Hugs

  2. That is a beautiful polish! You are such a good friend to help out your bestie in her time of need!

  3. My condolences to your friend. I can't imagine how hard that would be. I am just pretending that my dad is immortal...

    I love Wild Orchid. My bottle isn't streaky, just annoyingly sheer. It's worth the pain, though, especially for 59 cents!

  4. Sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

    I love the combo of purple with Northern Lights. I've done it before and I always get a lot of compliments on it. It does make me wish there were more actual purple holo polishes out there though.

  5. Aww I'm sorry to hear about your friend's sad loss, you sound like you are really there for her though.

    Loving the nails, lots. It's very rainbow glittery.


  6. So pretty, but wow that's a lot of polish to get what you wanted!
    So sorry to hear about your friend's loss. You're a sweetie. *hugs*

  7. Pretty polish!!
    And my condoleances for your friend. I know what's she is feeling. I lost my father too. But she has a great luck! She has you as het friend. You're so sweet. Take care you both. Wish you a lot of strenght.

  8. That's such a pretty color, you'd never know by looking at it that it was streaky.

    So sorry to hear about Sugar Mama. Please give her my condolences. I've been extremely lucky that I haven't lost anyone close to me but I know my day is coming!

  9. The nails are GORGEOUS!
    where on where do you find that "Northern Lights"?

    Big hugs to Sugar Mama. She's got a fantastic friend in you!

  10. Thank you all for your kind words for my friend. It's yet another example of the lovely and caring people that populate the nail blog world. You amaze me and touch my heart everyday.

    Christy - Goodness, you are so sweet. Truly. Because you asked, I got my bottle of Northern Lights at Sally's. There's a 20% coupon floating around now too!

  11. My heart goes out to your best friend. Mine is going thru the same kinda thing. I totally understand, the drop everything and disappear for awhile act. I hope she will be okay! your a good friend.


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