La Isla killed me

Good morning friends!
Today I'm showing you one of my finds from Mexico. I picked up this nail polish at a store called Kloom in La Isla Shopping Village. My best understanding is that this shop is like Claire's with a little bit of Spencer's thrown in. You can get jewelry, bags and makeup there as well as items bearing the image of your favorite wrestler. So, you see what I mean.
Anyway. I spied the nail polish almost immediately and had to have some. It was only 20 pesos, which roughly came to about $1.40 US. (Depending on exchange rate which is VERY GOOD at La Isla.)

Both items are unnamed but gorgeous!

Idyl nail polish Metallic Blue
Two coats, no base in sun

Idyl nail polish Neon Orange
Three coats, no base in sun
Index and middle have top coat

Both polishes are non B3F. And they smell terrible. The blue polish has a thick formula with a weird brush but still applied really well. The orange was thinner in consistency and spread nicely on the nail. Both dried super quick. I really love both even though I'm really picky about metallic blues. The blue just has amazing glow and depth. The orange is hot and I needed a good neon orange for my stash.
I had to do some layering with the blue because I wanted to see some different finishes.

On index is Out The Door Northern Lights top coat
Middle has Sinful Coco Diamond
Ring has a layer of China Glaze Matte Magic
Pinkie has a layer of regular Out The Door top coat
(You really should click to make bigger!)

Coco Diamond looks amazing over it and I love how the matte top coat changes the texture but keeps the glow! I could have so much fun layering so many other things over this but I decided to rein myself in for a change!

That will do it for me today. I have a big day at work today and am still sorting through my vacation pictures to show mom and dad tomorrow night. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and the weather will be nice for you! (The weather has been lovely here. We took a motorcycle ride last night and Matt's taking me to work on the bike today!)

"No worries, for sure, my friends!"


  1. Both are very pretty, but the metallic blue one is just mesmerizing to me. I love the matte top coat on it too. It seems so cold and frosty that way.

  2. Oh, I'm on such a neon kick and that orange is HOT! But I do really love the blue with Coco Diamond on top of it, that's a gorgeous layering combo. It's been gorgeous here! I'm glad you guys are able to get out on the bike. I'm still lol'ing about your comment on my Orly post! *wink*

  3. Hope you had a nice vacation!
    I think I like the blue over the orange.
    Such nice bright color.

  4. Don't care for the color orange at all but I do like that blue!

  5. I love the blue metallic, yeah I know big shock! It's so pretty!

  6. The orange looks amazing! I just looked at some of your vacation photos and they're beautiful. You look seriously fantabulous, m'lady. I'm jealous of your lovely time.

  7. Looks the blue is the clear winner here, eh?
    Thank you all for the compliments.

    Brooke - My flamingos were a housewarming gift five years ago and I don't know where they were purchased. However, Walmart has them periodically and I saw some at Walgreens the other day. I need to buy more because my other two are lonely!

    Stephanie - Thank you, you are too kind. Because you complimented me, I'll overlook that you quoted a Warrant song on your blog. ;)

  8. I love the blue! Yay for Mexican polish finds!!!


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