Lamby Takes a Field Trip (PICTURE HEAVY)

Good morning friends!
Yesterday was simply gorgeous and I felt inspired, so I brought my camera with me when I went on my bike ride. I love living in Oregon and I wanted to share a little taste of my hometown with you. Eugene is a very bike friendly town and we have a lot of bike paths that wind through riverfront parks. It certainly makes for a gorgeous view on your way to work!

Island Park

Many of the parks in the area face the Willamette River and have lots of geese and ducks hanging out.

Fishing on the bridge.

Willamette River
It stretches from Portland to Eugene and forks to the coast and the Cascade Mountain Range.

Autzen Stadium
This is where Duck football is played.
Right next to it is PK Park, home to Duck baseball.
Matt and I like to ride our bikes on this trail to go to games.

Pre's Trail named for Steve Prefontaine
Running is a big deal here. I prefer to run only if I have to. Like, from zombies.

Map of the trail with a bit of history.

Leaving the trail to Franklin Boulevard takes you to the University of Oregon. It's a beautiful campus with great buildings and a hell of a lot of history. I love wandering through campus and I still discover something new each time.

The entrance from Franklin Boulevard

U of O is the second oldest college in the state, opening in 1876. Our mascot is the Oregon Duck, more specifically, Donald Duck. No kidding.

Villard Hall seen from Franklin Boulevard
It's the second oldest building on campus and home to the theater program.

Historic Hayward Field
This is where the "Track Town USA" nickname comes from.
It was originally the football stadium until Autzen was built in 1967.
The 2012 Track and Field Olympic trials will be held here.

Mac Court, home to Duck basketball.
This is the final season of play as the university is building a new site.
Across the street from Mac Court is this:

Eugene Pioneer Cemetery.
Yes, there is a cemetery in the athletic area. I love the juxtaposition.
This is the second oldest cemetery in Eugene.
Back on Franklin Boulevard, we come to this.
This is Matthew Knight Arena which is slated to open in 2011.
It is ginormous. 

After this, I decided to pick up my nail polish purchases and then head home. I hit the trail again and got the opportunity to take some pictures of some really interesting things along the path.

 Two way tunnel because yes, you do get "traffic" along the trail.

There was great graffiti inside the tunnel.

This is my favorite. I say it's definitely art
. There was even a comment box next to it.

I love this.
How often do you find the graffiti interpretation of "The Persistence of Memory?"

This just cracked me up. It reads, "Malt Licker Drank."

Fly fishing in the Willamette.

Happy Lamb after an exhilarating ride.

It was just a wonderful day and the weather was perfect. Thanks for coming along with me! If you enjoyed it, I may post more pictures sometime. I live in a great place and I'm so proud to share it with you.

Hope the day finds you well and I will return later on with actual nail polish posts!


  1. YAY!!! everything was AWESOME! I gotta history lesson! sweet!

    And your pretty face at the end was just the icing on the cake!!!

    Thanks for the tour!!!

  2. Great, fun pictures!! Looks like a fantastic day! Don't you just love being in the outdoors? I LOVE the graffiti! I get so excited about GOOD graffiti (not random tagging and stuff though). Nicely done graffiti is totally art and I love it. Thanks for sharing - and yes, we want more pictures :) It looks like a great place!!

  3. Oh wow ... so now I want to go on a cycling holiday to Oregon (I live in Manchester in England, yay...) :D

  4. Christy and Brooke:

    Thank you guys!
    I love my little/big town! Too bad the weather has gone back to rain. :(

    I'm glad you enjoyed it so I will definitely take more pics and post them.
    Now I'm even more excited for Saturday Market to open!

    Jenny - Thank you for coming by! I hope one day you do come to visit. The state has so much to offer!


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