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Good morning friends!

Today I'm bringing you another gem I picked up in Mexico. In a most surprising place, no less!

Maybelline Colorama in Frambuesa
Two coats, no base or top in full sun

According to Google Translate, the color is actually Raspberry. My Spanish is simply terrible so I can't say for sure. So, if any Spanish speaking readers can confirm or deny, please do so!
This is a glorious red jelly with the perfect liquid consistency. It's not too thick or thin and doesn't run all over the place. When I first wore this, I applied my usual three coats and it covered my VNL. The dry time on this was exceptional. I did this is the hotel within an hour and then went straight to bed. I woke up with no sheet marks or smudges.
This wore really well considering I went snorkeling the next day and then played on the beach later in the day.
It didn't actually chip until the long ass trek to home!
My pictures don't do it justice because it's actually more of deep, blood red. But my camera really picked up all of the sunlight! I'm really picky over reds but this one is a killer and I'm so glad I got it.

Natural indoor light same application as above.
The shine on this is insane!

So, where is the surprising place I picked it up? Walmart. Yes, there is a Walmart in Cancun. I was just enraptured by the regional brands and I did not have enough time to pick out some more. (Matt was tired, sunburned and not up for me and my sister wandering the store.) I did pick a couple but they were gifts, so...yeah. Anyway, I will be going back next year and I will definitely buy lots more!

Before I go, let me leave you with a picture we took last year of the best way to get around Cancun if you want to go shopping.

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The bus ride itself is a crazy experience. I was actually excited to ride again. They drive fast, make abrupt lane changes and you better move fast to hop on to pick it up! It was teh awesome.

So that does it for me today. Matt will be home tonight and I am going to be catching up on my cuddling with him. Have a terrific Friday and a great weekend!

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  1. mightylambchop's MattMarch 27, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    by the time she is reading this comment she will have been totally covered in kisses. I've missed my girl.


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