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Good day, friends!

When I was at Walgreens last week, I decided to take the plunge and pick up one of those Sally Hansen party pack jobbies. What I kind of like about these things is the completely random assortment of stuff. Sometimes the polishes included are meh to downright vom. I have heard before that some people have found some rare gems...well, so have I!

Let's move on to to pics of what polishes were inside. Except for two of them because I absolutely hated them. However, I knew my niece would love them so they went into her get well soon care package.

Black Patent Leather
Two coats, no base in sun

This was such a pleasant surprise! This is a ridiculously glossy black. The first coat is a wee bit sheer but the second makes it fully opaque. Application was easy and dry time was surprisingly quick. This nearly unseats my favorite black it's that great.
Champagne Diamond
Two coats, no base in sun

I actually fell in love with this and that was shocking. It's a "mom" color, no doubt. But the sparkles are so pretty! This was a seriously runny formula and application is super tricky because the brush holds a lot of color on it. I will use this for layering but I suppose it could be really nice for a French mani. 

Three coats, no base in sun

Oh hells yes! It's one of the elusive Tracy Reese colors from Spring 2009. These NEVER showed up in my area when they came out. I wanted Honeydew in the worst way and I figured I would just have to buy it off ebay. Surprise, surprise! Now, I just need to find Night Hydrangea...

Application was easy enough. Three coats is necessary for opacity but the dry time is excellent. I love the shimmer in this and that it isn't too frosty. I am so in love with this, it is a stunner! I look forward to Konading over it and even trying it as a snazzy layering effect.
It's just so satisfying to fulfill a longing like that and better yet when it comes as a complete surprise.

What lemming have you fulfilled lately? Did it live up to your expectations?

That does it today. Matt and his mom have left today for Dallas, TX for a combination business trip (Matt) and to visit family (Mom and Matt). So that means I'm riding my bike home from work tonight and I have to hunt down all of my nighttime riding gear before work. 
Thank you for coming by and I hope you all have a great day!


  1. wow, Honeydew is STUNNING!! I like Champange Diamond and Black Patent Leather a lot too. Looks like you lucked out! Hope your niece enjoys the other two!

  2. At least you got some good stuff. I remember when Scrangie bought a bunch of those party packs a year or so ago, and they were horrible.

    I remember how everyone on nail board was bemoaning the fact they could not find the Tracy Reese polishes. My Walgreens had that display sitting out forever, and I think Night Hydrangea was the only one that sold. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of them are still sitting on the shelf.

  3. Honeydew is very pretty. I found Night Hydrangea on clearance at CVS a few weeks ago when they were moving out all the old SH stock. I got it for $1.99, I think. I have actually been carrying it with my in my purse for the past few weeks...are you interested in having it? I feel like I am giving away nail polishes willy nilly, but if you really want it I'll send it along. I probably won't use it more than once.

    My e-mail is and I am chillin' at the hospital with my grandma right now, but I have a smartphone so I'll get your message ;)

  4. Oh that is so not fair, I've been stalking WG for Honeydew and mine doesn't carry the party packs! :(
    It looks hot on you!

  5. I heart that Honeydew color! So pretty! Wish we could've seen the other two colors, the ones you didn't care for.

  6. HONEYDEW???? Gahhh! I have been looking for this colour since last year! It looks amazing on you :) I love the other colours as well.I've avoided party packs ever since I bought one with mini-bottles.I loathe mini-bottles.


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