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Pic spam! Pic spam!

Sinful Colors Fashion Neon under water

I'm breaking my word about feet here BUT
we totally had the best pedis in Cancun!
My sister is on left wearing Zoya Talullah.
I'm on right wearing Orly Sol Cabana topped with China Glaze Dreamsicle

Surprise layering combo shown in the gardens at the cenote on the way to Chichen Itza.
I will be revealing both colors used in an upcoming post.

I'm not kidding when I say that me and my sister had the best pedis. We saw lots of red, pink, coral and French pedis with a couple of champagne hues thrown in. BORING! The best we saw (besides us) were two girls who sported neon pink and neon orange respectively. The moral of the story? We won. As usual. ;)


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time (and had great pedis). I once read something about tourists and French pedis. Supposedly in France they can spot the American tourists, because they all have those boring French pedis.

  2. I love the pedis! I spammed your pictures with comments, too. I couldn't resist, loads of great pictures. It looks like you all had such a blast! :)

  3. Andrea - Thank you! I hope my other nail picture comes out that I took while snorkeling. I was being so silly.

    Deb - I believe it. The French pedi is just wrong.

    Nikki - Thanks! I really don't like feet but even I have to admit we looked pretty good. ;)
    I have to go to FB and see what you wrote now!

  4. So much prettiness!
    I hope you had a BLAST!


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