We have a winner!

Good evening, loves!

As promised, I am announcing a winner for my giveaway!

Voting was pretty tight for both mini contests but ultimately, only one emerged in both polls. That person was:


Danielle is the creative mind behind Polished Fierce. She has won both prize packages and will also get a little something from my trip to Mexico. 

I'm very grateful to all who entered and everyone who voted. Thanksfor playing!

I'm off to catch a nap and get back up at around 2:30 a.m. I'll see you all when I come back from vacation!


  1. Congratz Danielle!

    Have a nice holiday in Mexico, Lamby!

  2. awh thank you guys so much! i'm so excited!.
    ahhh thess you had a great mani too btw!
    and have a great time in cancun!

  3. I had a dream last night that I checked your blog and I won the contest! Alas, it was just a dream. :(

    Congrats Danielle!

    Have a wonderful time in Cancun!!!!!

  4. CONGRATS Danielle!!
    Mighty Lambchop, have a GREAT vacation!!!!


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