Compare and Contrast

Good day friends!
Today I'm doing some comparisons between Del Sol Rock Star and China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Dorothy Who? on index and middle
Rock Star on ring and pinkie
Both are three coats without base or top coat.

Dorothy Who in real life is more of true blue with silver glitter while Rock Star has green tones with blue glitter. The silver glitter in Dorothy Who is finer and much more dense while Rock Star has bigger glitter that spreads fairly even on the nail. Both are pretty sheer with a jelly-like finish. Rock Star is much more the luscious jelly type. 

They look the same in bottle in this picture but not so much in real life!

So which to buy? The cheaper alternative is Dorothy Who. However, if you'd like the novelty of color change in the sun, go with Del Sol. Both are B3F. Both apply beautifully, dry quickly and shine like crazy.

So which do you prefer? Would you buy both?
Hope this helps! Thanks again for stopping by and have a lovely day.


  1. I do like Rock Star's colour change, but overall I prefer Dorothy Who?, it just kills me with sparkle and an awesome name.

  2. I think both are beautiful but I still fear the glittah!

  3. I have Rock Star and I'm attached to it because this was the first polish I bought in my trip to the U.S, I remember I bought it on pier 39 in SF :-)

  4. Its about a 50/50 split with me! :)


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