Good afternoon!

So, my birthday is on Saturday. I'm going out with all of my besties to my favorite bar and I want to look fabulous. Of course, my nails are a giant part of this plan. However, I need your help!
I know I want to do something with Konad or my Royal Punk decals but I can't decide on a base color.
I narrowed it down to purple then I narrowed down all of the purples in my stash to four.
Please help me choose!

From left to right:
Index- China Glaze Grape Pop
Middle- China Glaze Spontaneous
Ring- Sally Hansen HD Cyber
Pinkie- Orly Charged Up

My camera does not like the Sally Hansen at all and refused to show the pink flash it throws off. Just sayin'.
What do you guys think? Which purple is the winner?


  1. Happy Birthday love! I vote for Spontaneous

  2. I love the Sally Hansen HD even without seeing the flash. Great birthday color, I hope you have loads of fun!

  3. Birthday Girl color is definitely CYBER!!!

  4. Cyber, second is Orly Charged Up. I wanna see the decals though!! Hope your havin a good weekend. Miss You!!


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