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Good morning!

Today I wanted to bring you a couple of pictures of recent nail looks.

 Left Hand

 Right Hand
 This is my rather sad attempt at a nautical look.

Items used:
Idyl Metallic Blue base, two coats.
Left hand has L.A. Girl Matte White on ring, three coats
Art Club stripers in red and white for ring fingers
Art Deco striper in gold glitter for tips
I layered Pure Ice Heartbreaker over the blue on the right just for funsies before using the white striper.

It's not bad but it could have been better. Admittedly, the inspiration hit me rather late in the morning so I did not give myself enough time to really plan it out.

What I wore yesterday.

This look was a refresher and I was actually rather pleased with how all of the layering turned out.

The original look was two coats of Essie Chinchilly topped with two coats of L.A. Colors Reflections which is a snazzy sheer grey duochrome. I forgot to take pictures of the original but I plan to have swatches of Reflections up later. Though I do not show my thumb in this, it has the same decal as the ring finger.

What I did to refresh the original was:
Two coats of Pure Ice Heartbreaker
On thumb, index and ring fingers I applied Nailene Bedazzled decals from the Fashionista collection.
On middle and pinkie I applied dots with Art Club striper in silver glitter.
All was topped with Art Club Sealer.

I loved how it all came out. It still had the blue flash from Reflections and Heartbreaker gave some green tones as well as some much needed twinkle. The rhinestone on my index are my favorite decals, I could crazy go nuts with those! (And, yes I meant just what I said. Homestarrunner reference, anyone?)

That's it for now. I'm off to catch up on some swatching. See you all a little later!

Disclaimer: The decals were provided to me by Nailene for consideration.


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