Red as the veins she likes to swim in

Good day!
I am finally bringing you the last of my Del Sol haul from Cancun.

Del Sol Ruby Slipper
Two coats, no base or top, indoor light

Initially, this is a simple silver glitter in a clear base. Which is a go to for me when I do not have time to do a proper manicure. The formula is excellent and dries super, duper quick!
Of course, the magic happens in the sun...

Two coats, no base or top in full sun

This becomes a sweet, rosy red jelly with lovely silver sparkle. With more coats you will get a deeper red but it's still sheer. It's so much fun to play with and I knew it would look pretty sweet layered over something so I did. While in Cancun, I had to wear the Maybelline Colorama I picked up and I eventually layered Ruby Slipper over. The picture is not the best because I had to teach my sister how to use the macro feature on the camera.

Clicky to make bigger!
(Yep. You've seen this before. Taken at the Cenote gardens on the way to Chichen Itza.)

Ruby Slipper actually deepened the red and gave it some seriously nice sparkle. I think this is actually my favorite of all the Del Sols I bought. I wore it last Sunday because I had major fail with a China Glaze and I could not bring myself to rock it. So I removed it and slapped this on. It saved the day for me!

Thank you for looking! Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Gorgeous....I never heard about this kind of polish! But going to search for more info.
    Love it on your nails.

  2. I searched at the website from Delsol. Do you know if they ship international? I cannot find nothing about that.

  3. Oh this is a great one ! I don't have this one but I own some other Del-Sol polishes and I'm very pleased with them, they are so much fun :-)))

  4. Very pretty, and I love the whole color changing concept. I need some of these.


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