There's disco in the air and hairspray everywhere...

Good morning!
Since Ange has been on a holo kick, I needed some blingy goodness myself. (She's such a bad influence!!)
Thus, today's feature is a fan favorite, Diamond Chainmail Charm.

Three coats, no base or top in sun

Holy bats is this pretty! It's the closest I can get to good MPJ without spending a small fortune. I like this better than Revvolution from Color Club, it seems more holo goodness to me.
Not much to say about formula because I think pretty much everyone knows by now. No trouble applying and of all the Diamond colors I own, this dries the fastest. Which is probably my only complaint with Diamond. And that's not much of a complaint.


So who has original MPJ? Do you think this is a reasonable dupe?

Thank you for looking and hope the week ends on a high note for you! 

P.S. Tomorrow, I will be showing the extra special birthday nails. I appreciate everybody's feedback, you definitely helped settle the matter! ;)


  1. I have MPJ original and this ones a decent facsimile. I still prefer MPJ, its holo is more linear. Sorry bout bein a bad influence ;) That seems to be the general consensus about my holos O.o

  2. I have the original MPJ as well. I would say this is a good dupe. As Scandalous said, MPJ might be a tad more linear, but I don't think the difference is that significant.

  3. I love this one so much, I think it's prettier than Revvv as well! I love the color, so pretty!

  4. I agree with Ange! I have this and the holo MPJ, and they both are awesome, this is like the steel gray version of the Holo MPJ.

    CMC is better than Revv, in my opinion

    MPJ's holo effect is off the charts, great linear holo! CMC is gorgeous in its own right!


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