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Good day, friends.

I've embarked on a little project to occupy my attention and pay tribute to some of the lovely people I have the privilege to know. If you recall, I did a tribute mani for my friend Connie. 
This time I did one for my buddy, Robert. I also have one planned for his wife Angi but you will see that in another post.
Let's vamanos on to the picture, shall we?

Three coats of Orly Charged Up
Misa Dirty, Sexy Money stripes
indoors with flash

Robert requested a mani with his favorite colors, royal purple and teal. I knew Dirty, Sexy Money would be the perfect teal for this but I had a hell of a time choosing the right purple. It was between Charged Up and China Glaze Grape Pop. I opted for the Orly because it really embodied the idea of a rich, regal purple.

Charged Up is beautiful. Like Green With Envy and Mint Mojito, it applies sheer. Three coats was terrific but I would've opted for four. Again, this is not an issue because Orly polishes dry amazingly fast. Damn, Orly is good! This dries super shiny and looks so yummy. The wear on this was phenomenal. I had a tiny chip on my right index finger and slight tip wear. 
Charged Up is part of the core collection and easily available at Sally. I highly recommend getting it because it's a great season less purple. It's dark enough for Fall/Winter but cheery and bright enough for Spring/Summer. I also recommend getting your hands on Orly polish period because it is teh awesome and I've become the most annoying Orly fangirl. Just sayin' is all.

So let me tell you about my friend, Robert. Seriously, he is amazing. He's always so mellow and even-keeled and it is very soothing to be around him. He's wickedly funny and incredibly generous. He always treats us to goodies and coffees at work, will hold your hand while you cry your eyes out in the office because you've had a stressful day and is always offering to help in any way at all. The only other male I've known to be like this is my beloved husband. I am so grateful to know Robert and honored that he calls me friend. On top of that, he introduced me to one of the sweetest girls in the world! But I will tell you all about his lovely wife in another post. ;) 

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. Big hugs to all of the lovely people I've had the honor to meet in our kick ass nail polish world. You guys rock!


  1. That's a great color combo. I like your concept of doing "tribute" manis for special people. I don't own any Orly polishes, but I do use In a Snap top coat. I need more polishes like I need a hole in the head.

  2. Thanks, Deb!
    My offline fiends think my nail polish habit is "cute" but in a good way.
    I can't believe you haven't got an Orly! You may not need more polish but you should have at least one Orly. They are teh awesome sauce.

  3. That's beautiful! Robert sounds like a wonderful guy :)

    P.S. Such a great idea! You rock.


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