Compare and contrast: Reds

Good day, friends!

I was able to do a little shopping at Sally right before my birthday and I picked up some fun stuff.
One thing I did finally pick up was Orly Star Spangled. I already own China Glaze Ruby Pumps so it's seems silly to have purchased this but I have no reds in my Orly collection.
I'm so super picky about red but a snazzy red jelly-ish with glitter is up my alley.
Anyhoo, I wanted to see how Star Spangled stacked up to Ruby Pumps. Behold:

 Orly Star Spangled on index and middle
China Glaze Ruby Pumps on ring and pinkie
Both are three coats with no base or top.

As you can see, they're pretty much the same. The Orly has very fine and dense glitter in the bottle. The China Glaze has larger, slightly irregular glitter. On the nail, there's very little difference. However, I feel that Ruby Pumps is a snotch darker because of its glitter.
So which do you buy? Whichever one is on sale. Both have great formula that applies beautifully and both dry ridiculously fast. 
Now I have dupes but I'm okay with that. My sister seems bent on stealing my bottle of Ruby Pumps in spite of having her own bottle so it might be in my favor that I picked this up! ;)
As for my prop, it's one of my birthday gifts. I haven't yet tried bacon flavored toothpicks but it has to be good, it's BACON! I do love me some bacon...

That does it for me for the time being. Thanks you for coming by and have a pleasant day!


  1. Thanks for the comparison. It seems like I've seen a lot of bacon flavored products lately. I even found a chocolate bar that has bacon in it!

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth!

    Deb - If you're talking about Vosge's Bacon bar, then I also received one for my birthday. It is sublime. My family and friends know me so well!
    That said, I have lots more bacon products to show. My friends set me up right.


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