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Good evening!

I'm back to work and gearing up for the holiday weekend. But I didn't want to only write about my Eurovision obsession. (It's not terribly interesting to a lot of people. It's cool.)
So I wanted to show you a cute fauxnad I did and a snazzy polish I picked up recently.

First up is Pure Ice Beware:

FOUR coats, no base or top in weak sun

You read correctly that I put four coats on. It was pretty damned opaque at three but I let curiosity get the better of me. This dries quick, does leave a gritty feel but smooths right out with top coat. Unlike a certain gorgeous, purple glitter that I wore on my birthday. Just sayin' is all.
Ah, the sickness I have for silver polishes! Just glad to find a good one at teh Walmarts.

Next is today's Konad:

Mexican Maybelline Colorama in Raspberry as base, three coats
Konad Special Polish in Metallic Pink
Plate M4

This red may be my favorite ever and I bought it at teh Walmarts in Cancun. It's a gorgeous blood red jelly. It dries quick and totally shiny. I'm afraid to use it much because I'm not sure if  can find anything like it here.So if anyone knows of anything like this, PLEASE TELL ME! If you need a better reference, look  HERE.
Anyway, I wanted to do some Konad in the worst way and I was feeling pretty lovey towards Matt, so what better than kisses?
I'm not pleased that the picture came out so bad. But I console myself with these facts:
1. It was 5:30 a.m.
2. I had had only two cups of coffee
3. There sure as hell was no sun
So I took the picture in my kitchen while I was packing my lunch. Bummer. But it was sure cute and made me smile each time I looked at my hands.

This will do it for me. Sadly, I will have to go to bed in an hour. Srsly, I know how to party.
Hope everybody has a super weekend!

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