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I was distracted from the blog yesterday because of EUROVISION! I spent my morning watching the rerun of the first semi-final and I will be watching the live webcast of the second semi-final today.
I've mentioned it many times before but I am a fiend for Eurovision. From March to May, I'm all about the contest.

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I can't accurately explain why I love this so much. I think it owes more to the fact that we really don't have anything like it in the U.S. American Idol doesn't even come close. After the 2006 show, there was talk of NBC developing an American version but it appears the plans have been scrapped entirely. I think this is good because part of the charm of Eurovision is the diversity, regional rivalries and nationalist pride. We don't really have that here, at least not as passionately. I think the only way to make something like that work is if it included the entire Americas from Canada to Argentina. Maybe even Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Could be fun...
Admittedly, the best part for me is how campy and silly the whole spectacle is. The costuming is often times amazingly tacky, some of the songs are just terrible and the performances are just over the top.

Anyway...I wanted to include some of the nail looks I saw from the first semi but I was unable to find good pictures. Olia Tira from Moldova was sporting some pretty minty/teal tips. Looked like Essie Greenport and complimented her eye makeup.


Malta's entry, Thea Garrett, appeared to have either silver tips or a funky french with a silver tip that complimented her dress. Again, couldn't find any good quality pictures to confirm this.


Pictures of the show are from All Kinds Of Everything's Flickr stream.

I really don't have any favorites this year. It's kind of meh but not nearly as disappointing as last year. I just did not like any song from 2009. But I'm looking forward to seeing who qualifies tonight! I'm really disappointed that I won't be able to see the final live on Saturday but I have to work! Boo. Hiss.

I will leave you with that and hope, hope, hope that EBU gets their servers settled because the site is currently down/running slow. Have a great day!

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