She came to me with a serpent's kiss

Good morning!

Today I'm bringing a Hot Topic polish that I bought way back in March that was on clearance.

Unnamed Neon Blue
Three coats over Nailtek Foundation II
Love this bottle!

This is in fact a neon and dries with a vinyl like finish. It's very runny and a little difficult to control. Dry time was super quick. I applied three coats because I had a few bald patches but with a bit more patience two coats will suffice. I love the color but I do not love the smell. No good at all! 
I can actually attest to the wear of this because I was sporting it on my days off and the verdict is meh.
All I did that day was go shopping and hung out with my sister and I had several chips. Oh well.
What disappointed me was I decided to layer another polish over it and it all just dissolved. (Oh, the fun of unscientific and inadvertent chemistry experiments!) 
I will still keep this in the stash because I do love the color. I can live with the rest!

So now, it's just time for cute kitty pictures!

Gus did not approve of my choice because he didn't get to pick it.

Trixie gave me her stamp of approval, however!

That does it for now, guys! I'll be editing and scheduling posts today because my next two weeks of work will be topsy-turvy.
Not only that, I have to get things ready for my trip to California next month. I'm really excited for it because I will be getting my most awesome, super special birthday gift from my amazing husband! (Those of you who are my friend on Facebook already know!)
What is this gift? 


We'll be seeing them in Concord and we're going to have some pretty decent seats. I'm so thrilled because I haven't seen them since 1988 and Matt has never seen them in concert. It will be epic!
Oh, fuck yeah!

I leave you all with my love! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I have a few Hot Topic. The application is difficult at times but nice colors. Love this one.

  2. This is a dead on dupe for CC Pure least it sure seems so. I've lemmed this color for a while now and soon CC will be MINE!
    WHOO HOO on the Iron Maiden Concert! That is such an awesome venue. Have a GREAT time!

  3. That is such a gorgeous blue!! I walk in hot topic and want to buy then I walk out. Don't know why I haven't yet :) Trixie is so adorable!

  4. Thank you all! It is a great color, just disappointing to have application issues.

    Elizabeth - I thought Pure Energy had shimmer to it. Because I heard that China Glaze Towel Boy Toy was a dupe for it. I can't say for sure not having seen Pure Energy in person. ??? Glad you're getting your hands on it though! Love it when a lemming is fulfilled.

  5. awwww your cats are so cutee!! lol It's cute how you have one cat disapproving, and one cat approving :D --When you mention this in a comment I just HAD to look for your swatch. This color is so pretty but good thing you got it on clearance ^_^


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