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Good day, friends!

I got some birthday money from Matt to have fun with so I placed a sweet order from Cherry Culture and hauled big time! Today I am showing you something from LA Splash. I have two others I have shown and I'm terribly impressed with this brand. They have gorgeous colors especially the glitters. Best of all, the price is right. I'm hoping that since Walgreens is carrying their eyeliners, they will start carrying the polish too. I know Ulta has it but the nearest one to me is two hours north. Not so convenient.

Anyway, here is Ocean's Fairy:

Two coats, no base or top, weak sun

I am so in love. I adore emerald green. Maybe because it's my birthstone or because green is awesome. This is a blue toned green jelly base packed full of green and gold glitter. In my pictures, the blue tones really stand out but on the nail it appears more emerald. In this light, the gold glitter is hard to see. It appears all green but again, on the nail the gold glitter is apparent. The coverage on this excellent. Two coats has everything opaque and fully covered. The formula is a snotch runny but nothing difficult. Compared to Crimson Tide, swatched HERE, the formula is better. Crimson Tide was thick and dried just a little too quickly. This is a vast improvement. I wasn't finding it becoming tacky on the brush like I did with Crimson Tide. 
Once dry, it is bumpy and gritty. Seche will take care of that or in my case, two coats of Out The Door or one coat of Art Club Sealer.  (Speaking of base coat: I can't use Seche on my fingers anymore. It will not dry. But it's still kick ass on my toes. Weird.)

Overall, I'm pleased with this and glad I bought it. I'm getting hooked on this brand and definitely will be buying more. They definitely know how to do a kick ass glitter! Eventually I will buy some of the other finishes but I'm addicted to the glitter for now!

That does it for now. Hoping the day finds you well!

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  1. i'[ve never heard of this cherry culture site but now i really want to visit and make a massive order!!!



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