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Good morning!

As promised yesterday on Twitter, I'm bringing you three new Tip Toe polishes from Old Navy.
I couldn't be happier with them! However, it is weird for me to walk into my old place of business. Even for nail polish. That said, I like the remodeling they are doing and glad they're getting rid of the upstock. I have many horror stories about ladders and upstock.
Let's move on the pics shall we?

First up: Lime Slush

Three coats, no base or top in sun

Guys, this is exactly what I hoped Sally Hansen Lickety-split Lime would be. It is perfect! The formula on this is fantastic. It's a smooth liquid that moves only where you want it. Dry time was beyond my expectations. It rivaled my beloved Orly with its quick dry time. Though it is a creme, it is very shiny. I had some fun layering over it but those are pics for another time! 

Next is Tahiti Lagoon

Three coats, no base or top in sun

My camera was just not cooperating with me for this one. That has more to do with the fact that my camera's selector wheel for the settings is just about kaput than anything about the polish.
Tahiti Lagoon is a blue I've been looking for and one I will have to do a comparison with Zoya Yummy.
 It's a vibrant, true blue creme with amazing shine. It's not as green toned as Hard Candy Frenzy which is the only other blue I can think of to come close in my stash. Again this applied beautifully and dried super fast.

Finally, we have Crushed Grapes.

Two coats, no base or top in weak sun

I was certainly surprised to find a vampy tossed in with all of these bright summer cremes and sweet shimmers. How could I say no, it is glorious! I'm getting ridiculous with these kinds of colors though. I have a Kleancolor kind of like this and the Sally Hansen mini I showed a brief time ago. (The Kleancolor swatch will be coming. I promise!)
Of the three, this dries the fastest. Like, holy shit, this is dry already? The formula is a snotch thicker and because it does dry so fast, it streaks a little. However, the streaks even out and top coat finishes the job.
I was so enamored of this that I wore it to a birthday party on Saturday night and kept it on as is on Sunday. That's a big win for me because if I don't change my polish the next day, I usually layer or Konad over it. 

All three are simply amazing and a very welcome addition to my stash. The price was also to my liking. I picked these up for $3.50 each. Yay and YAY!

That does it for me today. It's my Friday and I'm longing for a lazy day on the couch, watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Have a lovely day, all!


Just looked in my visitor feed and saw Fullerton, California, my former hometown. Greetings to you and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hate blues like that on myself, but that looks AWESOME on you. Good find!

  2. Nice colors! It seems like a lot of retail stores are rolling out nail polish collections lately. I just read that Aldo is putting out polish.

  3. Lovely colors...I like the green,and dark vampy shade.

  4. Good colors!


  5. Very pretty, especially Lime Slush! I hope you had fun with Buffy.


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