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Good day!

It's been a few but I am bringing you another item from my recent hauls.
Today I have L.A. Girl Disco Brites Disco Inferno.

Three coats, no base or top in sun

Disco Inferno is a pinkish red that leans a little orange. The formula was superior to its sibling, Retro. It applied fluidly and smoothly. Dry time was a bit faster than Retro but still quite acceptable.
 I really love the Disco Brites range, they came up with some super bright and vibrant colors. Now that my local Fred Meyer carries the entire range, I don't have to buy in teensy quantities because of shipping.  So I will definitely be picking up more from this line.

Now, the claim is that these polishes are reactive under a black light. I could not confirm nor deny this last time because my last encounter with black light didn't happen. So, no pics. This time I can tell you that they do glow under black light. I still don't have pics because I got to test it out at work. (Long story and then some boring policy that I can't divulge...) Anyway, Disco Inferno was a sweet lavender under the black light. It was pretty cool to see the color change and how it glowed. Eventually, I WILL look for the black light bulb that I just know is hanging out in the Halloween decorations in my garage. When I do accomplish that, I WILL take pictures. Promises!
In the mean time, please enjoy another shot of this pretty polish.

I thank you and leave you now. I'm writing this before bed on my Thursday and I is tired girl. Tuesday cannot be over soon enough! 
Loves and hugs to all!


  1. The flamingo returns!!! I love your yard flamingos!!! nice color too :)

  2. Thanks Brooke! The flamingos told me that they want to be in all my nail pics this summer. How can I not include them? ;)

  3. I would like a yard flamingo or two...nice polish, but the flamingo captured my attention a lot more than the polish did. :D
    I like the idea of the polish, hope to see pics of it soon!


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