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Good day!

Today I'm bringing you a selection of Sally Hansen minis that I picked up at Walgreens back in March. As you will soon be able to tell, I'm way behind on my swatch posts so you will be seeing my nails at various lengths.

Anyhoo, these are from a mini pack that was out during the holidays and I picked it up on clearance.

Mini Silver
Two coats, no base or top in sun

This silver was just a joy to apply. It applied so smooth and with almost no brushstrokes. The dry time was phenomenal and it Konads pretty well. It's a winner!

Mini Red
Two coats, no base or top in sun

It's red. It's a jelly-ish red. It's nothing much to talk about. It's pretty, dried fairly quick and was easy to apply.
It's just not very exciting, is all.

Mini Gold
Two coats, no base or top in sun

This is a lovely gold, not too terribly exciting but I cannot resist a gold polish. It's rather sheer but a third coat makes it opaque. It's glittery and not very brush stroke-y. 

Mini Vampy Purple/Wine whathaveyou
Three coats, no base or top in sun

This one is my favorite of the bunch. It is glorious! It's not really purple, it's not really a wine and it's not exactly a beet. It also is a sweet jelly that easily becomes opaque. It has a shiny, vinyl finish that looks like patent leather once you hit it with top coat. This one dries the fastest of the bunch and has no issues with application. I only wish I had this in a full size!

Overall, these are pretty sweet and it didn't hurt my wallet since I got them for around $5. That was a major attraction but I knew I was going to love that vampy and I had to have it!
Yay me!

That does it for now. I'm going to try and enjoy the little bit of sunshine and warmth before it gets swallowed by the rain again! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oh man! Now I regret passing these by! I love the vampy!

  2. Ooooh I love that silver one on you!

  3. I love chromes like that silver, but I hate the way they show all my nail flaws. I have a couple of nails that have pits in them, and they are made all the more noticeable by chrome polish.

  4. Just curious ~ how come you don't polish your nails all the way to the cuticle?

  5. Liz - It looked kinda meh when I first saw it during the holidays but when it hit clearance, I decided to pick it up. Had no idea that vampy would blow me away!

    Landa - Thank you! It's a pretty sweet polish.

    Deb - I agree with you about that. A good ridge filler takes care of most issues but when I have major gouges (which is frequently, thanks job!) I skip them until it grows out or I file it down.

    Sprinkles - When I swatch colors, I don't paint my entire nail. I usually end up swatching A LOT of polish in one day. So it's easier to remove and apply if I've only painted 3/4 of the nail.
    Any photos that have full coverage on the nail are what I wore that day and I realized I didn't have a pic of it or I've added nail art.
    Thank you for asking!


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