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Good morning!
It was a longer absence than I intended but I'm back, for a brief while anyway!
Today I'm showing you a new polish that my camera refused to photograph properly.

 Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Berry It
Three coats over Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
Topped with Out The Door
Full sun

I picked this up at Sally on Friday and had a hard time choosing one from the display of new colors. These are neon with shimmer. Grin and Berry It is a neon magenta with blue shimmer. It also has an amazing blue duochrome flash going on. The formula is sheer and dries to a satiny finish. I opted for three coats to cover up VNL and take care of my streaks. I found for me that thin coats streaked and dragged so a thicker coat worked best. Like any neon, this dries very quickly. I still can make out my tips through three coats so it's probably best to layer this over a nude to help it really pop.
I'm thrilled with this and will definitely be rocking it as a pedi too! I also have some Konad ideas percolating for this.

Noe for a second picture with bad lighting because I really wanted to try and capture the blue flash that's going on.

Same as above but on day 2.
I have lots of tip wear!

It's not a great picture but it does capture some of what I want to show. As ever, I cannot accurately comment on wear. Nail polish wears differently on each person but I have the added trouble of my job duties.
Yesterday I processed shoes and cleaned shelves so my hands were constantly doused in cleanser. 

Overall, I am very impressed with this and I plan on picking up more shades from this collection.
That does it today, hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. Oh honey, that's REALLY pretty! I think that second picture shows off the blue flash perfectly.


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