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Good morning, guys. No nail polish today but a picture of a sweet Pontiac Grand Trans Am. (This will make sense shortly.) I just wanted to get you up to date with what's going on. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you already know so bear with me.

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On Monday night, my dad had a heart attack. It was super scary and very upsetting. I have lots of good news to share though. Dad is coming home from the hospital today and his prognosis is simply amazing. Dad got to the hospital in time to be treated and any damage is very minimal. What's truly amazing is that the results of his angiogram showed that he has no blockage in his arteries so he won't have to have any surgery. It really is amazing because the doctors simply don't know why my dad had a heart attack. He's in great shape, no major plaque build up in the arteries despite having a pretty high cholesterol count and no other issues despite being a pipe smoker. So dad is an anomaly. They know he definitely had a heart attack they just don't know why. So he's been given a clean bill of health and has no restrictions. (Maybe we need to lower his cholesterol a little just to be safe, right?)
It really is a very happy ending to a stressful and scary event.

Here's the deal guys, my dad is seriously, ridiculously super tough.
And here's the story: Dad used to be an electrician. Back when we lived in Nebraska, he was wiring a barn and fell off of the roof and landed on a concrete slab. He broke his back and shattered his elbow.
Seriously. Somehow he managed to drag himself to his truck to radio for help and tried to drive to the hospital!! I don't remember all of the details because I was 8 or 9 at the time and I remember wondering if my dad was even going to live.
Suffice to say, in just two years my dad was playing golf and walking the entire course.  He shouldn't have even been able to walk at all much less be able to carry his own clubs. Frankly, dad should not even be alive.
He is fucking awesome. He moves better than guys 30 years younger than him. Yeah. So no heart attack is going to bring him down. Can you fucking believe this shit?

So it's all good news now, guys and it is brilliant! Now, why the picture? Because my dad has a Grand Trans Am and it is one of his prized possessions. He has it up and running and finally has it registered so now he can  roar through town with this beast. Maybe once my mom feels he's up to it anyway!
Can I get a fuck yeah? My dad is alive, healthy and the toughest effer ever. And I couldn't be happier!

That does it for now. I'm headed over to mom and dad's to get the house straightened up and visit my fur bother, Rallo,  before dad gets home from the hospital. It's a great day for my family and I hope it will be for you and yours. Loves and hugs!


  1. It's good that your dad recovers quickly. All the best

  2. Fuck yeah! Your dad rocks! I'm happy is is strong and on the road to recovery :):)


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