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Good morning, guys!

Today I'm bringing the first of my first ever Color Club purchase. I picked up the Poptastic collection at Ross this last weekend. I was so excited to see it there because all they have had was the 7 piece set with the browns. While it was pretty, I wasn't desperate to take it home with me.

Three coats over ridge filler, topped with Out the Door in full sun
I fuxxored my index finger somehow. 
I blame the humidity.

Same as above in shade

There, I fixed it!

My pics came out slightly more blue than this little baby is. It's not quite a neon but it is vibrant.
The formula was a bit runnier than I anticipated but still easy to work with. This dried very quickly and with a slightly satin-y finish. I was rather impressed with this and I'm looking forward to getting the others swatched as well.
I wore this as my NOTD on Monday and it took a massive beating. I have yet encountered a polish that can stand up to working in drive-through and sorting donations!
Monday was pretty rough for me and I was still exhausted when I woke on Tuesday so I decided to touch it up and do some layering.

Pucci-licious topped with:
Two coats L.A. Girl Rockstar Scandal
One coat Out The Door Northern Lights Top Coat
Weak, weak sun.
(It was effing cloudy all damn day!)

Same as above but with flash

I loved how this bit of layering turned out. Scandal's glitter has such brilliance. The pink flash it lent to this pretty purple was stunning. But you know me, I cannot have too much sparkly or glittery. That's why I had to use Northern Lights. Holo glitter makes everything better!

That does it for now. I have to do my nails and get ready to go to a meeting at work. (Stupid meetings on my days off!!! AARGH!)
I plan to do some major nail art stuffs and play with my sister tonight. I gots the house to myself for a few days since Matt is headed out on a business trip. I may even head to Dollar Tree to see if there's anything snazzy... Woo-hoo!
Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. I LOVE this color!! I recently did a Konad using this as my base color. =D

  2. I looooove it with the glitter added! Super blingin'

  3. Really love it. The layering you did was great.
    I'm not sure who has or hasn't entered BUT I'm having a brand new giveaway on my blog.

  4. Love the color, and I love Pucci prints. I have an authentic Pucci scarf that has a color very similar to this in it.

  5. Gorgeous NsOTD! I especially love the second, layered mani!
    Scandal is lovely...I just picked it up a couple of weeks ago.

  6. What a vibrant colour! It's gorgeous!


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