You come with the dark night of the soul

Good Morning!
Today I'm bringing you the much promised swatch of the only Kleancolor I own as well as a little bit of layering.

Kleancolor Deep Passion
Three poorly applied coats, no base or top
Weak sun

I love the color but I am a sucker for vampy red/wine colors. The formula was okay and dry time okay. I'm not super in love but I blame that more to the recent spate of weather. It was rainy and muggy here in Oregon and it was wreaking havoc on all my manis. I had a bitch of a time getting polish to dry and this included Orly.
I was becoming so frustrated and discouraged that I felt like even my application was going to shit. 
I imagine if the weather had been drier, I would be in love with this. The color is gorgeous, it's shiny and has a slightly jelly quality.  This color has been discontinued and I scored it from Cherry Culture for a whopping 50 cents! 
Since I was only feeling meh, I decided to have some fun with layering.

Two coats of L.A. Girl Rock Star Scandal over Kleancolor Deep Passion

One coat of Sinful Pearl Harbor over Deep Passion

One coat of Sinful Green Ocean over Deep Passion

I will definitely have to play around with some more layering on this. It's a great canvas! The good news is that the weather is drying up so maybe I can do a proper mani with this and feel so much better about it. 
That will do it for me today. I have to run to the library and start packing. I'll be in California for a long weekend visiting my family. Hoping to get some great pics and so excited to see IRON MAIDEN on Sunday!!
Hope you all have a good week and glorious weekend!

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