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Good day!

Today I'm bringing some orange polishes for you. Be warned that my trusty, six-year old camera just does not like super bright colors. It's time to start thinking and saving for a new camera which makes me very sad. I *heart* my camera! It's been THE best camera I've ever used.

Moving on then...

First up is Color Club Wham! Pow!

Three coats with ridge filler base and top coat
both in indirect sun

Well, holy bats! This orange surely does knock you upside your head. It's ridiculously bright. Did I need another neon orange? I say yes. I love orange and I buy bright colors especially for the winter months. 
The formulation of this was better than I anticipated. I was opaque in two coats but I always like to apply three. Dry time was quick as with most neon and did dry matte. 

I decided to do some Fauxnad with this and it came out pretty sweet but my camera was shell shocked by the intensity of it all. For those of you on Facebook, you've probably seen this so pardon my repetition. ;)
Wet n' Wild French White Creme
Orly Snowcone and Orly Royal Navy stamps
Of course I do not recall the fauxnad plate I used
and I'm too lazy to dig it out. My apologies!

I really enjoyed this one. I stamped the same design over and over in different angles and on my pinkie, I only stamped half the design. I have tiny pinkie nails so I can only fit so much on there!
Snowcone looked really freaking cool on this and  in some light it appeared even more like a royal blue.
Royal Navy ended up taking on a brown cast over the orange and I did not like it. 
This was a definite eye catcher and I got a lot of remarks on it. I had a customer tell me that I must be stuck in the 80s if I was wearing a mani like that. WTF?? I want to believe she meant it as a compliment that was inappropriately worded, I really do. Oy.

Continuing on...
I have Wet n' Wild Sunny Side Up. I debated for months on whether or not to get this. I mean, I have Orly Sol Cabana and L.A. Girl Disco Brites Retro and those are pretty awesome orange cremes. But I couldn't stop drooling over this. I finally gave in and yet again, I say that I did need another orange creme.

Three coats, no base or top
Full sun

The application does not look so good, no? It's uneven and spotty. It's not the fault of the polish though.
The culprit is this:
Check out that wonky brush!

It's all uneven and bent! Seriously, this is the first time I got a wonky brush in a bottle of Wet n' Wild. Also my second wonky brush ever, thank bob! It really affected the application of this. I'm going to have to figure something out so I can wear this because this brush won't do. I could live with having to trim it up but it's seriously bent to shit. There's no fixing that!
That said, this is a sweet, juicy orange that I adore. It would apply a million times better with another brush and it dried really quickly. Thanks to this brush issue, I can't report well enough on the application for you.It doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the color or anything so I have no buyer's remorse or anything like that.

That does it for now. I'm off to tackle some laundry...man,  I hate chores!!!


  1. UGGG...wonky brushes! I love the orange and it looks great on you!

  2. Thanks Cindy! The brush has me wearing my frowny face...ugh.

  3. Oooh, that looks like a brush I got in one of my sinfuls - and I never usually have trouble with sinfuls either. But I love both ofthese colors on you! You can't go wrong with a hot orange.

  4. Niki- Your swatches were what made me long for Sunny Side Up. It is glorious!


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