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Good morning!

I spent an amazing day yesterday just being lazy. I hung out in my backyard catching some sun, listening to podcasts on NPR and swatching. We're having 90+ degree weather here in Oregon and I couldn't be happier.
I adore Summer and live for hot weather. I should be an island girl but no, I had to live in the Northwest! ;)

Anyway, I wanted to show you the rest of my Milani stash. I am really loving Milani and I'm so glad I can buy it at Fred Meyer. I used to only be able to get it online from Cherry Culture. Nice but sometimes you just can't afford to pay shipping.
I went a little crazy when the 3D collection was released and snatched up what was left of them at Freddy's.
Check em below!

Milani Cyberspace
Three coats, no base or top, full sun holo. I like that it's a lighter, softer shade rather than the usual dark, intense blues. This glides on effortlessly, dries quick and is good to go in two but I like three coats for best opacity. Every time I wear this, I get a lot of compliments from guys. Especially my future head cabana boy. I guess guys really like holos!

Milani Hi-Res
Three coats, no base or top, full sun

No complaints on formula here. Again, you are good to go in two but I much prefer three. I hate seeing brush strokes or patches when the sun shines on my nails and that can happen if you don't go with three. Most importantly, this is a purple that doesn't make me look jaundiced. Yay! 

Milani HD
Four coats, no base or top, full sun

Did I really need another silver holo? Yes, yes I did. Though it is a snotch disappointing. The formula is great, dry time is wonderful. I'm just bummed about the sheerness. I found four coats gave me the opacity I wanted. Which isn't as bad as it sounds because the dry time is so good. I really need to try layering it over something to see if I can get away with fewer coats.

This is just the beginning of my major swatch fest, there is much more to come! In the meantime, I took another shot of Flamingo. 

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Flamingo didn't feel like posing with polish and wanted a dramatic black and white shot. I do what I'm told, yo. ;)

Hope everyone has a great day and manages to keep cool. I will be enjoying the heat and taking a brief trip to the library. Yay for summer!!!


  1. Gorgeous! and I love the Flamingo!

  2. I was lucky to find all of these at CVS when I was out-of-state last week. I'm so excited to try them all. Great swatches and enjoy your relaxed time. :)

  3. I've been eyeing those...I'm thinkin about getting the purple one!


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