Franken FAIL

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A VERY long time ago, I made two frankens. I was desperate to make a gorgeous polish that would not dry work for me and the other was just a matter of messing around. Please enjoy my shame:

Thing One and Thing Two

Let me start with Thing Two because of both, it's actually my best.
Three coats, no base or top, full sun

I don't quite remember everything that went into this. I know it started with Revlon Red which is a beautiful classic red but had terrible wear for me. (This being back when I worked at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply and the most strenuous thing I did was open boxes.)
I know OPI Text Me, Text You is in it as well as Jesse's Girl Confetti which is blue and purple bar glitter. I just don't recall what I added to make it purple. Oy. It looks pretty but it has no shine, applies terribly and takes forever to dry. I am not in love.

Next up: Thing One

Three coats, no base or top, full sun

I had such high hopes for this one. The base is Creative NFS. I loved that shade. It was gorgeous. It would never dry though! Allow me to illustrate: I hurt my back two years ago. Bad enough that I had to lay in bed after work and not move. I painted my toes with NFS. I sat for four hours, applied Seche, waited an hour and went to sleep. When I woke up, I didn't just have sheet marks. I had nail polish tar balls in my bed! 
I truly tried everything to get NFS to dry and it simply would not. So, this was my last attempt to at least get some of that gorgeousness on my nails.

I know I mixed this with OPI Peace Baby, a most disappointing white. I'm pretty sure I also used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lime Light and I know that I used a teensy bit of OPI Text Me, Text You.
The color isn't bad at all. It has nice shimmer and is a bit dusty. Guess what?

For fuck's sake! I learned my lesson with that. What's really funny is I made that franken with polishes that disappointed me in some way or another and they all came together to present me with a clusterfuck of ultimate sadness.

So there you have it. My shame in in all its pathetic glory. *sigh*
BTW, ALL of the above polishes mentioned got sent to Zoya for the 2009 polish exchange. 

Have you ever frankened a fail? Tell me all about it!


  1. It's a shame these polishes don't dry. They are very pretty colors. If I saw them in a store I would but them both XD

  2. Thank you Steffie. That's really very kind of you.
    I like the colors too but it just does not work. Sad. :(

  3. Oh my gosh, my frankens never come out. I have 2 frankens that I use regularly. One is a beige off-white that I love. The other is a nail bed match to wear under my sheers. Other than that, they all turn out dull and thick and just disappointing. Yep, pretty much all of them.

  4. I would buy both of them if I saw them in a store too! Such a tragedy that neither worked out as well as you would have liked since they're both so pretty.

  5. I read on Scrangie's blog that many CND polishes are like that. She said she had CND mani that was still dent-able after four days!

  6. Hahaha, oh I have so many franken fails. It just never works out for me! Shame, really, because these are pretty colors. Kleancolor is the one I have troubles with as far as never drying - I had the same balls of polish in my bed! LMAO.

  7. Danica - At least you have two frankens that are useful. Sorry to hear you have issues too. Now i don't feel so lonely!

    Sprinkles - Thank you!That's very nice of you to say. I guess I'd like them more if there weren't so many issues.

    Deb - When I got NFS that's when I learned about the drying issue. That might be why they never sold at Ed Wyse!
    My understanding is that the new formulations actually dry though. I will have to try it out sometime.

    Niki- I just got a Kleancolor that seems okay. I haven't tried it as a full mani yet, I've only swatched it. Good to know, nonetheless!

  8. These are both Franken WINS! :)


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