Franken WIN

Good day guys!

I showed you two old frankens I made that were just awful. Everybody was very sweet and complimented the colors and I appreciate that very much. Posting them inspired me to try again and this time I have success! Plus I found something I thought I got rid of...

Three coats, no base or top, indoor natural light

I found my 3/4 bottle of OPI Text Me, Text You after I posted my other frankens. I thought I sent it to the Zoya Exchange but nope, it was hanging out with my collection of base and top coats. So I decided to use it for a bave foray into frankening again.

I can't give you an exact recipe because I was just playing around and was pretty sure it would come out to nothing. Well, I was wrong. 
This is a mix of New York Summer Amaranth, which is a really snazzy bright green jelly. I added a snotch of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy, a lighter neon blue with gorgeous blue shimmer. All combine to make a lovely teal-ish sheer. Like watery sheer. I'm coming around to jellies but that wasn't going to do. I remembered that I have L'Oreal's Waters Edge (A minty green creme) and that I did not *heart* its formula. But I knew it would give me the opacity this needed. I added maybe five to six drops and it worked! I have a beautiful color with shimmer and a little glitter! The only down side I can think of is that adding the creme stole the holo effect from the glitter. It sparkles but its not fiery. Overall, I'm so excited this came out so well. It also dries fast! 
The application is a bit tricky. I had to apply thicker coats rather than thin because it dragged. But this was the same issue I have with Amaranth on its own so no worries!
Now, please to enjoy more pictures...

Three coats, no base or top, full sun outdoors
(As ever, you can click my pictures to enlarge.)

I just got my brand new phone, an HTC EVO, and damn it is teh hotness! It has an 8 megapixel camera and I've had fun trying it out for nail pics. It doesn't do too bad, it's just a snotch awkward to hold, pose and snap. But still good for all the pics I would want to take on the run. (Especially those I wish I had taken before. Ah, regrets!) Naturally, I took a pic of my franken.

Four coats, no base or top, natural indoor light
It's a little blurry but nothing I can't handle.

What do you think? Win or Fail?  Most importantly, what do I call it? I'm really bad at coming up with names so I need some help. What would you name this?
That does it for now. I'm going to recover from a day of working at another store (Awkward and scary!) and six hours of training meetings. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening and I'll be back tomorrow.
Good night!


  1. It's a mighty Win! Seriously, if OPI made a color like that, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  2. That is freaking gorgeous! I'd name it Bermuda. looks like the water down there.

  3. Thank you, thank you!
    I'm so happy this came out. I've been annoying everyone I know with it.
    Ange, you're brilliant and I am totally naming this Bermuda!

  4. oh boy do i know what you mean about the new phone being ackward to take pictures with. mine is also the big 4.3 screen, i can take great pics of my left hand, but forget my right! i couldn't do it if i tried! and i know bc i have tried!


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