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Good morning!

Lately I've been having a lot of nail fail. It's quite frustrating. I will give up, slap on glitter polish and be on my way whenever it occurs. Last month it occurred a lot thanks to the ridiculous humidity so I was plowing through all of my glitter stash. After wearing my go to subtle gold glitter, I had to do something...anything!
I remembered that I could sponge something over my base and it would dry and I could go about my day much happier.

So this is what I did:

Base is China Glaze Five Gold Rings
L.A. Colors Metallic Copper
and Orly Dazzle sponged from middle of nail to tip.

I wasn't trying to do a gradation, I was thinking more layered stripes. It didn't turn out too bad and was much more subtle than my pictures show.You really had to look close to see the stripe-y effect. However it did have a nice complexity of color and looked rather elegant. Surprise to me!

Indirect natural light before top coat

The only issue/complaint I had was with my sponge. I really need to get something better because what I have is an art sponge and it tends to leave a little of itself behind. I can go for texture on a mani but that was a little more than I was into. 

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this and grateful I figured out a way to work with the crappy weather. 
What do you do to save a failed mani and how do you cope when Mother Nature decides not to play nice with your polish?


  1. Very nice!! :D

    I normally "save" a failed mani by layering some glitter polish over it. :)

  2. That's a good idea, but I've never done sponging. I would not know what kind of sponge to get!

  3. Thank you!

    Danica - I have a sponge normally used for acrylic paint but I've seen some people turn out some fantastic looks with makeup sponges and regular household sponges.
    I've also used a sponge from an Easter egg decorating kit and it came out okay but the sponge disintegrated from the polish!
    I suggest trying either the makeup sponge or household one. It's really fun!


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