I see the bright lights...It's the month of July

Good Morning!

I have another polish from my lazy day to show you. This was one I included in my giveaway back in March and I hope you'll understand why I *heart* it so much.

L.A. Colors Metallic Copper
Two coats, no base or top
Full sun
I am a big fan of L.A. Colors. They have great polish line and I recently bought an eyeshadow palette that is pretty kickass. Best of all, they are VERY affordable. I used to only be able to buy this brand at Cherry Culture but I'm happy to say that Fred Meyer has begun carrying it as well as my local Dollar Tree and my favorite local drug/gift/novelty store.

Metallic Copper is a real beauty. It has a pebbled look finish with bronze and silver glitter. This is incredibly fiery and shiny. Two coats was fully opaque and the dry time was exceptional. 

Same as above but in shade

Like any good metallic, you will want a good ridge filler under it because it will show any dents or ridges in your nails. Unlike most metallics, there are no brush stroke issues. I chalk that up to the amount of fine glitter that contributes to its pebbled finish. This is also quite easy to remove unlike most glitters. 

That does it for me today. Thank you for looking!

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