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Good morning!

Today I'm actually going to show you a brand of polish that I decided to give another shot.

Last September I reviewed the epic sadness that was Ripe Peach. Oh my word, the trouble it gave me!It was so disappointing that I was leery to try this brand again. I relented a couple of months ago after much hemming and hawing as well as some encouragement from some of my most special ladies.
So I got myself Sapphire Shimmer and sadly missed out on Wicked Glitter. As you prolly know, both were LE glitters that were being touted as decent dupes for the OPI Alice in Wonderland glitters. They're not terribly close but they're nice. (I still want Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter though...)

Sapphire Shimmer
Two coats, no base or top
Overcast light

This is a sweet blue jelly with lots of holo glitter. Love it! Three coats would be more opaque but not really enough for me. I may be coming around to the jellies but this shows way too much VNL for my comfort.

Closer, come closer...

This actually changed my mind about Finger Paints. Why? Because this actually went on my nails. It didn't drag or throw a tantrum when it knew it had to leave its bottle unlike its naughty sibling. This also dried.
It was a much better experience than my last one. I will most likely use this for layering. I'm may just have to play with this over some blues...

That said, I'm not sure how many more I will purchase. I've been a little underwhelmed with some of their colors. I'd have to see something really exceptional or realize I have something missing in my stash.
Unless anyone can suggest some that I simply should not be without! I'm all ears!

So, tell me: What are your favorite Finger Paints shades?


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL polish!!! I've never even tried FingerPaints before - I don't know where to buy them.

    I love your MTY LMB license plate :)

  2. Thanks, Brooke. It's really fun to layer with too!
    You can get Finger Paints at Sally.

    Thanks regarding my license plate. I got it from some generator I stumbled upon years ago. If I ever drive again, I would have this as my vanity plate. ;)


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