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Good day!

Today I have a comparison and surprising lemming fulfilled.

While in California, I went to Sally to see what they offered that maybe my local stores didn't yet have. I finally broke down and got an Orly I'd seen on Little Music Boxes that I just couldn't get out of my head. Why is it so surprising? Because it is PINK. For reals. I'm not sure what it is about it but I was just mesmerized. But I finally have Pink Chocolate and I'm happy.
Once I got it home though, I was concerned it was going to be a dupe for one of the few pinks I do own so I had to compare.

Orly Pink Chocolate on index and ring
China Glaze Fifth Avenue on middle and pinkie
Two coats for Orly, three for China Glaze
no base or top in some sun

Pink Chocolate is the perfect neutral pink with brown tones. It reminds me of my favoritest, discontinued lipstick of all time. I think that's why it captured my attention. Compared to Fifth Avenue, it's definitely pink while Fifth Avenue looks more of a greyed out rosy plum.
The formula of Pink Chocolate is superior since it's practically opaque in one but best in two. Fifth Avenue required three coats for optimum color and coverage. Pink Chocolate also dried the fastest. 

So what say you? Which of these do you prefer? I'm glad to have both because sometimes I do have to sport a work appropriate shade but Pink Chocolate has just captured my fancy.

That does it for today. Hope everybody had a great weekend!


  1. Hmm, I saw Pink Chocolate not so long ago and passed because it looked like so many other pinks, but it looks really nice in your pics.

  2. Doesn't Megan create the craziest lemmings? She's done that to me many times, colors I thought I wouldn't ordinarily like and bam, all of a sudden I need it! And TBH I like the Pink Chocolate on you the best! It's perfect, so shiny!

  3. They are both so nice ! If I had to choose I think I would have chose Pink Chocolate :-)))

  4. "Pink chocolate" was also the name of a Clinique lipstick that I looks great on you!


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