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Good morning!

Today I have another Dollar Tree find for you. This is another Maybelline matte that has made me very happy!

Two coats, no base
Index and middle have top coat
Ring and pinkie have none

The formula on this was great and very similar to other matte polishes I own. Dry time is exceptionally good but as with any matte, speed is of the essence.

Flamingo is a fan!

I just cannot get over the color! It is a glorious navy with silver glitter. I was genuinely surprised how much glitter was in it. I love the look of this both shiny and matte. By far, it is my favorite matte to use top coat on. 
Hooray for Dollar Tree happiness!
Thank you for looking. I hope to have my holiday mani up tomorrow. I'm doing it early because of work and my nephew, T.J.'s birthday! His big day is actually the fifth but we always celebrate on the fourth for him. What kid wouldn't like fireworks for their birthday?
In the meantime, my U.S. peeps, have a great holiday weekend and be safe! And for my friends abroad, hoping you have a wonderful weekend full of fun!


  1. Looks pretty matte and with topcoat. Great find! My Dollar Tree never gets any good polishes. They're all ugly old Sally Hansen pinks.

  2. the color suits you :D
    I like the glossy-look more and looks a bit like twinkle twinkle

  3. Thank you! I am so in love with this. How did I miss this when it first came out??

    Deb - I may need to go back there and make you a care package. ;)

  4. This is a little darker than what I would've expected. Very pretty though.

    I've never really looked at the polishes Dollar Tree has to offer. Next time I'm in there, I'll have to make a point to check them out.


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