When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls...

Good day!
 I went to Walgreens the other night just to see what was what and I spied new Wet n' Wild Craze colors. This collection has names that are inspired by television shows. I only walked out with one but it was the right choice. It's both my favorite color and  named for one of my favorite t.v. shows.

Buffy the Violet Slayer

The other color names I remembered were: How I Magenta Your Mother and The Wonder Yellows.

Three coats, no base or top
Full sun

It's a gorgeous, shiny purple with a slightly blue flash. (That was incredibly hard to capture so I kinda gave up.) I was surprised how sheer it was. I was certain this would be a two coater but it's definitely a three.
I'm slightly underwhelmed by the dry time. It's a snotch longer than I anticipated. However, I am not disappointed in buying this!

Same as above

This time the brush gave me a little trouble. I noticed a couple of bald patches where the brush just couldn't seem to reach so I had to go back and touch it up. Nonetheless, the formula isn't too thick or too thin and watery.

I tried to get a good macro shot to show the blue and slightly pink sparkles in this but my camera is not friends with purples. (Or neon. Or blues, all of a sudden.)
Overall, I really like this color. It's not like any other purple I own. Considering most of my purples are cremes, this was not hard to do. There is still the same price/volume issue but $1.99 was a small price to pay to give me a much needed smile.

So what do you think? Are the names cheesy or cute? Have you see these and are you interested in trying them?

That does it for me, I'm off to start a new work week! Hope the weekend finds you well...

P.S. If anyone can guess the song lyrics I reference in post title, I will give you a virtual cookie.  ;)


  1. Ha, I might have to get this one just because of the name. Buffy is one of my absolute favorite shows.

  2. i love buffy. love. love. love. i want to find this!

  3. OH my, I know you're not quoting Donny and Marie...maybe Donnie Brasco? :)
    Song is called Deep Purple. (I'll admit, I did google...but I DO remember the Donny and Marie version. :o)

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Elizabeth gets the cookie! The song is "Deep Purple" but I was thinking of Nino Tempo and April.
    No worries about googling, there was no rule against it!


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