You shall all be taken by the Night Stalker...

Good day!

Today I bring you another Wet n' Wild as well as another round of "Guess That Song," but this time, I want the artist. Googling is okay and the prize is one virtual cookie! (Oh yes. I do think I'm funny.)

Night Prowl
Three coats, no base or top
Full sun

Night Prowl is a sheer black base loaded with tons of fuchsia glitter. It dries slightly gritty but nothing too terrible. Application was simple enough but the formula was a touch runny for me. Three coats provides maximum coverage and the dry time is pretty danged good.

I couldn't resist layering this to see if  I could make the glitter pop some more.

Two coats Night Prowl over one coat China Glaze Grape Pop

This is definitely more purple but I did a terrible job applying this. I may or may not have had the fan on too...whoops! Either way, it looks pretty snazzy layered over a luscious purple creme like Grape Pop.

That will do it for me today. I'm off to make my contribution for a barbecue I'm attending after work
 Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ethroned according to the power of google. Much love for the layering there om nom nom

  2. Its cute! Too bad about the application at least these polishes are cheap! Hope you enjoyed the BBQ ;)

  3. I think Chuck has an Enthroned album lying around somewhere. Frankly, the phrase "Night Stalker" evokes images of Richard Ramirez for me. Pretty color though.

  4. Emybloom gets the cookie! Yay!

    Tasha- Thank you, it's a nice color and the layering was fun. I just did a terrible job putting it on. Can't blame this one on the polish, it's all operator ineptitude!

    Deb - I'm not surprised Chuck would have Enthroned. I think he has everything! ;)
    When I first saw Night Prowl, I thought Night Stalker and had the following associations:
    1. Richard Ramirez
    2. The mentioned Enthroned song AND the AC/DC song
    3. The television show Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

    Seriously, what is wrong with me? ;)


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