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Good morning!

Today I'm showing you a couple of holiday themed looks that are also celebrating my nephew, T.J.'s birthday.
T.J.'s birthday is actually on the fifth but he was to be born on the Fourth. We always celebrate on the Fourth for him with a BBQ and fireworks. This year I won't be able to be there since the party is set to start at noon today.  And I have to work. Boo.

Both of the looks here incorporate some of T.J.'s favorite colors and the ones he would've chosen for me. So, yep, this definitely falls under the tribute mani tag!

Base: Wet n' Wild French Creme White
Sponged Orly Royal Navy and Star Spangled
Orly Dazzle and Glitz stamps
Used both Konad plate m8 and I forgot which number Fauxnad plate

This is the first time I've sponged and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. However, my stamps were disappointing. They just didn't show as much as I would have liked. Oh well...

I know T.J. would dig it.

I couldn't just do one look and I would have had to do another anyway. T.J. loves to look through my stash and pick out colors for me. He's pretty good at it, he's managed to pick out enough for a week's worth of manicures before! T.J. also helps me choose new polishes when we go shopping together. He has very good taste, mind you.

Orly Royal Base
China Glaze Millennium and Zoya Goldie stamps middle through pinkie
Wet n' Wild French Creme White and Zoya Posh stamps on index
Konad plates m8 and m15
Again I forgot which Fauxnad plate number

Millennium never fails me, it is the best silver I've used for stamping. Orly Royal Navy is by far the most stunning blue I own. It is teh amaze. 
T.J. is my star!

I almost can't believe that my little guy is going to be ten. He's such a great kid and he's truly my best little buddy. I'm lucky to be auntie to such a sweet guy! I've decided that in honor of such a momentous birthday, I will be signing off by the name he used to call me when he was smaller and was unable to pronounce my name.
Happy Birthday, T.J.! You rock my socks!

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Have a wonderful weekend, everybody and be safe! Loves and hugs to you all!

Bob  (Usually known as Heather the Mighty Lambchop)


  1. Both are awesome! What a cuttie he is!

  2. Happy B-day TJ!!!!!!
    I was thinking of doing something similar to the first mani, Luv them both.

  3. I love both patriotic manis :) They look great!!

    Happy Birthday, T.J.!!!!!! :D

  4. Hmmm...can't decide if I like that first look or not. The second mani is very cool, that silver really stands out against the blue.

  5. I love both of these, honey! I think they came out cute. Happy Birthday, T.J.! He looks like such a little cutie!

  6. Both are awesome. Sorry you have to work.
    A reminder to join in on my giveaway. :) Susie


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